Real Madrid and Barcelona, watch out for Bruno Fernandes

In England they talk about the terrible anger of the Portuguese after the win against Tottenham, with a dressing room discussion with Solskjaer included.


The summer market has just finished but the information wheel about possible reinforcements does not stop turning. The latest bombshell from England is about Bruno Fernandes. According to The Sun, Manchester United's Portuguese midfielder would be the new object of desire for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Affirms the British newspaper that the footballer is very upset by the latest events that have taken place in the team. We refer to the resounding defeat suffered by United against Tottenham de Mourinho and the fact that he was substituted during the break, with 1-4 on the scoreboard, and after a discussion in the locker room, in which the player allegedly pointed directly to a colleague and Solskjaer as responsible. Fernandes has denied it, although he has admitted that there was a confrontation.

"There has been a lot of speculation about that. It was a discussion with all the colleagues, not with Lindelof and Solskjaer. I think it is a way to destabilize the group," he said in the Portuguese press, in which he also admitted his discontent for having been substituted at half-time.

Thus, in England they already see a conflict strong enough for the player to have made the determination, today, to change of scene, given the irregular course that the team seems to take one more year. That is where Real Madrid and Barcelona would come in, attentive to their performance and, above all, to their situation at the club in the coming months.

Bruno Fernandes arrived at United in the winter market last January. The Red Devils paid Sporting de Portugal 55 million euros and the footballer became from the first moment an important piece in the Solskjaer scheme, with a performance that was vital for the team to reach the semifinals of the Europa League and achieve the long-awaited qualification for the Champions League.

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