Raúl García Pierna conquers bronze in the U23 Elimination of the European Track

The Spanish Track Team has started the Fiorenzuola d'Arda European Championship, winning a medal from Raúl García Pierna.


Raúl García Pierna has made a new demonstration of his immense talent in the U23 Elimination event of the European Championship at the Fiorenzuola d'Arda outdoor Velodrome today. During his first year in the category, the runner of the Spanish National Team has offered a strength recital taking the head on different occasions to, from the top, control the evolution of a test in which he has finally been third.

The men's U23 Elimination started with an imposing pace and with many nerves, as is the norm in this event, and this has caused a touch in the peloton that has resulted in the Dutch Van der Veekens and the Polish Potasznik finishing for the soils. Since then, it has been the norm to see García Pierna taking command of the squad, controlling the movements of the rest of the opponents with his eyes, to overcome laps and achieve positions in the Classification.

The Spaniard has found himself alongside Belgian Hesters, Portuguese Leitao and Israeli Tene fighting for the medals. In the decisive sprint for third place, García Pierna managed to beat the Israeli and secure the bronze. After that same pass, Hesters started by leaving with Leitao, whom he ended up beating in the fight for gold.

"We knew that in the first laps of the Elimination he always goes very fast. I felt very good, I had incredible legs and as eliminations have been taking place and the test has become more of strength than placement I have gone finding more comfortable. As fewer people have remained, I have found myself even better, I have known not to expend more strength than necessary and in the end the two cyclists who beat me were simply stronger than me, so I was very happy ", explained, already with the bronze around his neck, Raúl García Pierna who added that "I knew that I was arriving here without being in my best form, somewhat tired, but I have seen that I am still quite well. I knew that I would be safe in the contest, but maybe I wasn't expecting the medal today ".

On this opening day of the Fiorenzuola d'Arda European Championship, those in charge of opening the participation of the Spanish National Team have been the members of the junior quartet of Team Pursuit. Marcel Pallares, Asier Pozo, Jaime Romero and Iker Bonillo completed the test with a time of 4'31 "110 to finish in eighth position.

After them, it was the turn of the Women's Junior Individual Pursuit, in which Ainara Albert and Jimena de Roa were the representatives of the national team. The Valencian finished in 12th place after signing a time of 2'40 "576; while De Roa finished 13th with a time of 2'41" 074.

With regard to the men's U23 Individual Pursuit, Eric Martorell has been squeezed to achieve a good time of 4'40 "524, which has allowed him to finish 10th. Joan Martí Bennassar has been very close to that record, also performing at a good level she was 11th after stopping the clock at 4'42 "504.

During the afternoon session, I was waiting for the Spanish Track Team, in addition to the great success of Raúl García Pierna, the participation of Marina Garau and Marc Terrasa in the Junior Scratch. In a remarkably slow race, Garau tried to surprise alongside the Portuguese Campos with an attack from afar that was unsuccessful. A later movement by the Slovak Jencusova has been successful and has taken the gold; while from behind the sprint for the medals in which the Balearic Islands was eleventh was unleashed.

Terrasa, for his part, has fulfilled the strategy he had designed with the coach Raúl Mena and almost received a prize for his bravery. The first-year rider of the Spanish National Team has started six laps from the conclusion and has opened a gap of about 150 meters with respect to a peloton full of doubts after Van Belle, ultimately the winner, had just achieved a lap. Finally, the medal starts already within the final round have resulted in the neutralization of Terrasa, which has concluded in 17th position.

"I'm not very happy with the result, but I'm very happy with what I have done. I knew I had to play my tricks and start a few laps in advance because in the sprint I might not have too many options. I tried, but finally did not it could have been and, although the result is not the best, the sensations have been good despite coming from an injury ", has commented Marc Terrasa regarding his participation in the Scratch.

This Friday the action will continue at the Fiorenzuola d'Arda Velodrome with a new hectic day in which the Spanish National Team will face the Pursuit by junior female teams (Anguela, De Roa, Albert and Garau) and male sub23 (García Pierna, Serrano, Martorell and Bennassar); the CRI junior male Kilometer in which Jaime Romero and Iker Bonillo will be our representatives; the junior men's elimination, where Raúl Mena will line up Marc Terrasa; and Scratch sub23, where Eukene Larrarte will make his debut in this European Championship.

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