Prado loses his options with a fall in the second set

The Spaniard achieved a good third in the first race, but in the second race a crash ended his chances of victory.


Mixed luck for Jorge Prado in the MXGP of Europe in Mantova. If in the first race the Spanish rider overcame a slight fall and was able to climb to third place, in the afternoon race he could not repeat performance and another crash made him lose any type of option, finishing in seventeenth position. Tim Gajser won the first test, while Cairoli answered him in the second. The difference between the first two classified is only eleven points.

As usual, he again added a new 'holeshot', rolling ahead of Gajser, Febvre and Walsh. The MX2 champion and Febvre crashed, leaving the British Honda leader, followed by Gajser. Prado started his comeback, moving first to Cairoli and finally Evans to place third. Walsh slowed Gajser, who risked getting first with Prado looming from behind. The incentive in the final stretch was put by Coldenhoff, advancing at forced marches until he was second, just ahead of Prado.

In the second race, Prado returned to first position in the first corner, but Gajser managed to pass the Galician at the end of the lap. Cairoli and Febvre followed the duo upside down, in an image similar to what was seen in the morning. However, Prado made a mistake that sent him to the twentieth position. The man from Lugo was only able to climb three more positions, while Cairoli, somewhat missing in the first race, passed Gajser and crossed the finish line 2.6 seconds ahead. Seewer completed the podium.

Overall, Gajser took the MXGP of Europe ahead of Cairoli and Coldenhoff. Prado's fall in the second round delayed him to ninth place. The World Cup is with Gajser leading with eleven points of advantage over Cairoli and 20 over Seewer. Prado is fourth with 341 points, 58 behind the Slovenian.

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