Pogba wants Bruno's position

Although the Frenchman had initially accepted his more defensive role, Independent says he now wants to play later.


The pair formed by Pogba and Bruno Fernandes filled all Manchester United fans with enthusiasm at the end of last season. Ole Gunnar Solskajer's team had to be structured around the two midfielders on his return to the Champions League, but nothing could be further from reality after the first weeks of competition.

United have won just one match of the three they have played in the Premier League, also losing a blushing 1-3 to Crystal Palace and especially 1-6 to Tottenham. The team is not working and from the British newspaper Independent they point out that one of the multiple problems of the Norwegian coach is a dispute between his two stars for the same position on the field.

Specifically, Paul Pogba, whose contract has just been extended by United for one year until 2022, is not happy with his place on the pitch and would like to start from the most advanced position that Bruno Fernandes has. Despite the fact that initially the Frenchman agreed to play from further back, it seems that he has changed his mind and wants to play in more offensive positions, which would mean dispensing with one of the two stars in the starting XI.

United sources assure the Independent that Bruno Fernandes has had a lot of steam even though he is not performing at a good level at this start. Of course, they deny that there was any fight during the Tottenham game as some media pointed out.

In case the problem between the two roosters in the Mancunian midfield were small, we must add the name of Donny Van de Beek, who was signed as a star but at the moment he has only had 45 minutes in Premier divided between three clashes. The Dutchman will not be happy with his lack of prominence and will demand more minutes, adding more difficulty to Solskjaer's puzzle. The Norwegian coach is facing a crucial month to keep his job, Pocettino's name resonates more and more strongly, and restoring peace to his midfield by finding a place for everyone will be one of the keys if he wants to leave this bad streak.

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