Özil saves Gunnersaurus

Jerry Quy, the famous mascot of the Gunner club, had been fired by the club due to the economic crisis and the midfielder has decided to pay his salary.

The coronavirus crisis has caused an economic gap so deep at Arsenal that, in addition to having barely spent € 86 million on transfers this summer, it has had to lay off 55 employees in order to safeguard the club's economy. Among them, Jerry Quy, best known for being the team's mascot for the past 27 years. Almost three decades in which, dressed in his cheerful dinosaur costume, he has animated the team's games and formed part of the history of all those who come every weekend to see the Gunners.

Before the news, Mesut Özil, who is also rejected by the club - although he is still paid 20 million euros per season - has decided to intervene. "I have been very saddened by the news that Jerry Quy, also known for being our famous and loyal mascot and an integral part of our club, has been fired after 27 years," said the former Real Madrid player through a publication On Instagram. “That is why I have offered to reimburse Arsenal for our great green friend's full salary so that as long as I am at the club, Jerry can carry on with the job he loves so much.”

Accompanying the message of the hastag #JusticeforGunnersaurus ('Justice for the Gunnersaurus), the German has settled a controversy that has done much damage to the image of the club, since yesterday he paid 50 million euros for the signing of Thomas Partey. In August, the club had already announced that it had to lay off 55 workers in order to maintain balance in the entity: “Our goal has been to protect the jobs and salaries of our people for as long as possible. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we have to make this decision. ”

Photos from as.com
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