Özil, Milik, Khedira, Romero or Vecino, notable discards in the European lists

They were in the market, but their clubs have not found a way to give them an outlet. Now they will pay their salaries, but they have not been entered in the continental competition.


The lists for European competitions made public officially today, have shown that there are several illustrious European football players who do not count for anything in their teams and that, consequently, they have not been registered well to play the Champions League well to play in Europe League. Thus, the absence of Özil was seen coming from the cast presented by Arsenal to play the Europa League, of whom Thomas Partey, the brand new signing of the London club, is a part. Özil, who has not played for his club since March, has received another blow by being excluded from the A list presented by Arteta. No surprise, but a new setback for the German to whom the London club will have to continue paying his generous salary, but who will not be seen short on the grass. Arteta has not included Sokratis Papastathopoulos either, the center-back has not entered the list.

They are not the only bleeding cases. Something similar happens to Juventus with Khedira, another German. The midfielder, who in recent times has spent more time in the infirmary than in the field, does not count for Pirlo and was one of the pieces to sacrifice in the facelift that Paratici has tried to do in the squad. But there has been no way to reach an agreement with Khedira either to be transferred or to terminate the contract. Already last season, due to quota problems to draw up the list, Juventus had problems and Sarri left Emre Can out, who in January was transferred to Dortmund. On the Juve list there is already Chiesa, a brand new signing.

Arkadius Milik is another notable who will not be able to play in Europe, in this case with Naples. The Polish striker was in the market since he refused to renew, Giuntoli wanted to find a destination for him and he left, in fact he has been in all the pools for the greats of Calcio, but in the end, perhaps harmed by the domino effect of the no exit of Dzeko in Roma, he had to stay. Now it has also been left, but without the Europa League and the attack distribution of Naples is more than complete.

In Inter, for their part, Matías Vecino has been dispensed with to play the Europa League. The Uruguayan media was in the market, but Conte had to choose between him and Nainggolan, who was also on the starting ramp. Finally, he has opted for the Belgian. Neighbor, still convalescing, should return in less than a month, but Conte does not seem to count on him.

At United, for example, another major victim has been Sergio Romero. He and also the Argentine Rojo have not been registered by Manchester in the Champions League. The case of the goalkeeper is bloody since in the last hours his wife was begging for justice for her husband and that the English club would release him to be able to find a team. Phil Jones has also not had a place at United.

The young Kouassi has been left out of Bayern's highly reinforced squad. Meanwhile, Liverpool has been looking for a destination for Harri Wilson's fine left-hander for some time. The youth squad has not been included in the list and awaits a destination in the Premier. Long-term injuries have left out other regular players such as Bernat (Bayern), Zaniolo (Roma) or Lulic (Lazio).

Some illustrious have been left out and other clubs, such as Atlético, have had to fill the list with players from the quarry to reach 25. Thus, Atlético has included Ismael Gutiérrez, a midfielder recently signed from Betis for the subsidiary but who Like Toni Moya, he appears on the A. Manu Sánchez list, for his part, will appear on the rojiblanca B list, as will probably also Eric García in Manchester City's list, since he is not in the A.

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