Odegaard convinces Haaland

The young couple dismantled Ukraine with three goals from the striker, two of them from the Real Madrid player. After the game, Haaland shared a photo together.

The connection between Odegaard, which is already a reality in Madrid, and Haaland, a forward of the future who is in the spotlight for 2022, is one of the issues that most excites Madrid fans. That the two are partners in Norway and that they have a great friendship favors the plans of the white entity. Odegaard is convincing Haaland. And the two showed off in their last national team match.

Few games in Division B of the League of Nations will give away as many headlines and illusions as Norway-Romania this Sunday. The Nordics ran over the Central Europeans. 4-0. And they did it commanded by two young men called to lead their country to high future heights and, who knows, if also Real Madrid: Erling Haaland and Martin Odegaard. Three goals from the first, two of them past the second and a photo that surely drew a smile to the most daring Madrid fan to dream.

The Borussia striker later shared a snapshot on his Instagram account that excites Real Madrid. In it, you can see young people in the locker room. Martin, smiling and with his feet on top of his partner. Erling, with the match ball won by goals in his hands. The one pointing to the other. The publication's comment board, among the more than 3,000 that it accumulated in a few hours, was full of Madrid fans asking the striker to join their compatriot in the white team. While others referred to the 'recruiter' factor of the midfielder.

Real Madrid has a big circle around Haaland's name in its future plan. Borussia Dortmund does not want to let the striker leave before 2022, but they fear the white offense, aware of the existing interest on the Madrid side. If Mbappé is the 2021 Plan, Haaland is 2022. The presence of Odegaard in the Whites' team does not improve the hand they play in the Spanish capital in this particular game. Given the particular economic situation caused by Covid-19, Zidane, knowing that no reinforcements would arrive, returned to Drammen a year earlier than expected and has shown that he has full confidence in his capabilities.Future connection

The Madridista, despite having enjoyed minutes, has not managed to get close to the level shown at Real Sociedad last year, although it is still too early to prosecute him and with his team he has shown that he is in optimal shape to take off. Haaland, meanwhile, has started the season as the previous one ended, overwhelming. Six goals for his national team in four games in just over a month, plus five in as many games for Borussia Dortmund.

The great relationship between the young people, 20 years for the forward and 21 for the midfielder, is evident and their establishment as leaders, together with Sorloth, of the most promising Norway that is remembered makes Real Madrid smile. They have recently been left without a presence at the next European Championship, but surely there are more propitious opportunities to show Europe that the new Norwegian generation is much more reality than promise. Who knows if, when that great tournament arrives, the protagonists of this photograph share, in addition to nationality, team.

Photos from as.com
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