"Why not beat him?"

Pablo Carreño and Novak Djokovic meet at Roland Garros 31 days after their interrupted meeting with the Serbian disqualification from the US Open.

The luck of the Roland Garros men's team and the trajectory of both in the tournament has led Pablo Carreño and Novak Djokovic to meet again this Wednesday (around 7:00 p.m., Eurosport) in the quarterfinals only 31 after their duel with disqualification of the Serbian in the round of 16 of the US Open. The Spanish came back in the first set (6-5) when the world number one lost his nerve and hit back a ball with the bad luck that he hit a chair umpire. Shortly before, he had smashed another ball against one of the side billboards.

Recovered from the stick that meant he couldn't fight to lift his 18th Grand Slam trophy, Djokovic hasn't suffered a day to win in Paris. In four games he has not lost a set and has accumulated 7h: 32 of time on the court. Carreño has spent 9h: 26 and has only missed one heat, in the third round against Roberto Bautista. Physically they are like two drops of water, both are 1.88 and usually weigh between 77 and 78 kilos. The conditions this year in Paris favor them because they play flatter thanks to the lower bounce of the balls, especially with the backhand. And their numbers are even. Pablo gets something better, with 72% first, although he earns fewer points with them than Novak (77%). In the use of the seconds they are the same (56%) and the Balkan is more effective in the break points (78%). 444 444The balance of his particular duels is dominated by Djokovic (3-1), although in his last match on clay (Monte Carlo 2017), Carreño won him a set. It will be the first time they have faced five in a Grand Slam, unless the match is interrupted again abruptly, something that nobody wants to happen. "I don't think something like New York will happen again. I'm just thinking about doing my best, trying to play a good game and have a chance to be close on the scoreboard. It's important to be there all the time. time and fight every point ", says the Asturian (18th in the world), who does not rule out surprise:" I will try to do my best again. It is another good game, another good opportunity to be in other semifinals. I know I play against number one. Why not beat him? I need to do my best and I will try. "

Djokovic warned after beating Khachanov in the second round on Monday that Carreño is a player who puts his rivals "under a lot of pressure". In Flushing Meadows, it was this characteristic of the Gijon that put the leader in the rankings in the trigger shortly before the unfortunate accident that removed him from the tournament.

Carreño tried to recover yesterday from stomach problems that affected him in his match against Altmaier. He felt better after a couple of days in which he felt "weird", a fundamental factor to be able to aspire to victory this Wednesday: "With Novak I have to be 100%, against him I would have no option being wrong. I'll eat my head. If I succeed, I will have my chances. He is winning very well and I want to enjoy the quarters, because the other time (in 2017) I couldn't. " That year, he had to leave when he lost to Rafa Nadal due to an abdominal injury.

The probability of rain at the time of the game points to 20%, so it could be played outdoors and cold, about 13 degrees. Carreño does not care much about the conditions because he has played "in every possible way and at all hours." In addition, he believes that although Djokovic benefits, "because the ball does not bounce so much and he catches it in the place he likes to play", his tennis "is similar, with a flatter backhand." "If I play well I will have my chances. It is an opportunity to show and show myself what level I am at." The winner will face either Rublev or Tsitsipas, who are measured before.

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