Nadal's 65 'victims'

Nadal is the fifth player, male or female, to reach that figure in a Grand Slam. Djokovic is the one who has won the most times in Paris (7).


Rafael Nadal reached the stratospheric figure of 100 victories this Sunday at Roland Garros, a round number that has been available to very few in the history of tennis, when it comes to the Grand Slams. In fact, the Spaniard is the fifth player, man or woman, to reach that centennial figure in a major, after Chris Evert (101-12 at the US Open), Martina Navratilova (120-14 at Wimbledon), Roger Federer (102-15 at Australia and 101-13 at Wimbledon) and Serena Williams (106-14 at the US Open). There is no one who, like Nadal, who has only lost two games in the Bologna Forest, has reached a hundred wins with so few defeats.

During his successful and dominant career at Roland Garros, where this year he completed 16 appearances, Nadal has beaten 65 different players, and it so happens that the most defeats he has conceded against the Balearic is Novak Djokovic, who has fallen against him seven times. With this Sunday he advanced the other illustrious member of the Big Three, Roger Federer, who has already suffered six disappointments against Rafa in Paris. With four (see table), there is a group in which are David Ferrer, Lleyton Hewitt, Robin Söderling (one of the only two who has beaten the Spanish in the French Slam along with Djokovic), Dominic Thiem and Nicolás Almagro.

Nadal has defeated 'victims' from four continents and 24 countries: Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Austria, France, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Croatia, Luxembourg, Belgium, the United States, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, the Netherlands and Belarus.

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