Mumbrú longs for the public

"After watching the Penya game in France (in the Eurocup) and how the pavilion was almost full, with 80 percent, you are nostalgic," says the Bilbao Basket coach.


The ACB has submitted a request to the CSD requesting the return of the public to the fields, following an exhaustive sanitary protocol, of course. After all, if there are people in European tournaments and competitions sponsored by the FEB like the Women's League, why not in the main national competition? In Bilbao Basket, the warmth of Miribilla is greatly missed. Mumbrú sums it up: “After watching the Penya game in France (in the Eurocup, against Bourg en Bresse by Omic and Andjusic) and seeing how the pavilion was almost full, with 80 percent, you have longing. We are going to play here in Europe with almost no public and we are going to go abroad and we are going to meet him. It would be good if we were on an equal footing ”. Anyway, in Madrid the state of alarm is going to be established and he understands that they must go after what the health authorities dictate. "The percentages have risen a lot, the effect of playing at home is not so important and there are many teams that are losing," says the former player.

The main thing now is to be prepared for whatever the season brings, because, for example, they see themselves in Miribilla without people but then they wait in queues to catch a plane with dozens of strangers. “We cannot control if someone from the team tests positive for COVID or if someone from the other team tests positive and we have to change that game. We have been lucky and at the moment it has not happened to us, but it will surely happen to us during the year ”, declared Mumbrú.

The team prepares the visit to the Olímpic on Sunday, with the joy of having released the victories record and the intention of being better, more solid in defense and a point above in attack. Thus, he wants a team that can adapt to wide markers as in Granca and against Obradoiro and another with very low scores. Serron continues to leave due to tendonitis in his knee. Mumbrú praised the choral victory against Obra, but, of course, "the key is that it is not just one day, that we continue working so that this continues to grow." Joventut has added players with a Euroleague poster such as Tomic and Ribas . The stage of economic hardship is over. "He always looks at the quarry, but now, with signings like this year, it is clear that it is easier to get people from the quarry because they are very well protected with players who They have been in the League for years and they know what it is like to play in the ACB at a high level ”, explained the Barcelona coach.

Now that Moses left his defensive mark against Birutis last Saturday, the one who needs to take a step forward is Jones, although his coach shows his face for him: “Each one has their 'timing', their moments. He is an important player. He's doing things well, it's just a matter of time before he's something more successful in attack. Regarding the Champions League calendar, which opens on the 27th and marks two games at home to open our mouths and two away to close it, he doesn't care "we have to spend energy on things that we can control." For example, in " make the team longer to be the best possible in the physical aspect ”.

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