Morey leaves Houston saying James Harden changed his life

The ex-GM of the Rockets has taken this action to say goodbye to the fans: buy a page in a local newspaper.


Daryl Morey has left the Rockets. The manager was the general manager until a few days ago, when he agreed to leave the team in the process of looking for a new coach after the stage already completed by Mike D'Antoni. He entered sports management in 2006 and was promoted to GM in 2007, so his end comes after thirteen years and a scandal already resolved that could have precipitated the end.

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To say goodbye to the Rockets fans, a team that has revolutionized to the extreme, he has bought an ad page of a local newspaper, Houston Chronicle, in which he dedicates a very special letter. A section is directly for its most iconic player, James Harden. The brick has the following title: 'James Harden changed my life'. This is part of this letter:

"An entire page could be dedicated just to James. He not only transformed my life, but he also revolutionized basketball, and continues to do so, as almost no one has ever done before. The game is played differently thanks to James, and in all the fields of the world the next generation of talents will be studied and imitated "

"I loved working alongside him with other incredible Hall of Fame teammates like Howard, Westbrook or Chris Paul. I will support James to win a championship in Houston - this is how this story should end"

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