Morey is leaving: the king of mathematics leaves the Rockets

The Rockets general manager is leaving after 13 years in office and revolutionizing the way we understand basketball.


Daryl Morey is no longer the general manager of the Houston Rockets. The news has come by surprise and has been revealed by journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, who has also indicated that the franchise's plans are for him to replace his second, Rafael Stone, who has played a very important role during Morey's tenure. The former head of sports operations took office in 2007 and since then the Texas franchise is the second with the most wins and also the one with the second longest active streak in consecutive years in the playoffs (8) .

According to Wojnarowski, although no one expected Morey's resignation from the outside, it was he himself who would have communicated to the franchise owner, Tilman Fertitta, his intention to leave office shortly after being eliminated with the Lakers in the conference semifinals. Those who know him say that since then he has not tried to find a position with another team and that he is more interested in trying other professional fields outside of basketball. Regardless, he will not leave his connection to the Rockets, in this case as an advisor, until they hire a new coach to replace Mike D'Antoni.

Morey has been one of the people who have most marked the NBA in the last decade. The Rockets have long been known for moreyball, a pun on the former manager's last name and Billy Beane's Money Ball, and the statistical system that changed baseball forever. This term invented for the occasion defines the way of understanding the sport of Morey, who bases practically all sports decisions on mathematics and who gave himself completely to the shot of three (the Rockets have been the team that shoots the most from outside the game for years. perimeter) because the numbers say it is the most efficient.

As a result of this policy came James Harden, the great signing under his command, and the rest of the hires have been in the line of making a team around La Barba, largely shooters. Although there has also been room for other types of players. Two of them were two of the most famous transfers in recent years: Chris Paul's and Russell Westbrook's. Now practically the entire league imitates the Rockets model, which they themselves have taken to the extreme this season with the ultra small ball in which there is hardly room for players over 2 meters. But even in the toughest years of the Warriors' tyranny in the West, when almost everyone looked to several years ahead and lost the current season, Morey was one of the few who insisted on fighting against the monster of you. to you every year. Most of the time he stayed far away, some were closer to succeeding. 2017 will always be in the memory with the 3-2 in favor wasted, Paul's injury when it seemed that everything was done, the exhibition of Klay Thompson in the sixth to save the furniture of what would ultimately be the champion team.

Unfortunately for Morey, this last year much has been said about him and it has not been because of the sporting successes of his team until now. A tweet from him in October 2019 defending the protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese government, just as several NBA teams were in China playing preseason games, produced an unprecedented earthquake for the league. The Asian giant demanded the dismissal of the manager, but neither President Fertitta nor NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sided with the Chinese government. On the contrary, they supported Morey and made statements in favor of freedom of expression and the rights of citizens, something that caused China to stop broadcasting league games to its largest audience in the world. In addition to closing its store in Beijing, the largest in the world. It is estimated that the NBA has lost about $ 400 million in this time.

China played NBA live again during the finals. Life seems to return to its usual course, at least in this. And the Chinese will see the Rockets games again, the favorite team in that country since they signed Yao Ming. The one who will no longer be directing everything like a calculator, doing numbers non-stop, scrutinizing even the most hidden data of the latest statistics, will be Daryl Morey. Who knows if we will not see him again in an NBA franchise. Who knows if in a few years they will also make a film about him, about his method. About the moreyball.

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