Maximum challenge: Balvin against Tavares and Hakanson against Campazzo

"He is a player with whom I always like to compete because he teaches you your level. I always try to do my best and make life difficult for him," says the Czech. "He is the best point guard in Europe", values the Swede.


Walter Tavares is a mountain, a major challenge for all who face him. The player who most conditions the games in Europe arrives with Madrid in Miribilla on Sunday. They lost last year and are on guard. The duel with Balvin promises. For him, the Cape Verdean is "the most decisive player in Europe" on a defensive level. "He is a player with whom I always like to compete because he teaches you your level. I always try to do my best and make life difficult for him," said the Bilbao Basket player.

And if Tavares awaits him, Hakanson has another good ballot left: defending the almost NBA Campazzo. "In recent years he has been the best point guard in Europe, he is always at one hundred percent. It is uncomfortable to play against him. He is very good in defense, he generates a lot for his teammates and in recent seasons he also scores a lot. It is a difficult challenge. defend him and attack him, "said the Swedish guard, who understands that they must be more regular because" in many moments we play very, very well and in others we do everything wrong; so we must find that balance of being more or less well always. We have to improve that and do it in every game ".

Balvin, who sees it as normal for Jones and Moses to adapt to a new competition even due to their change in positions between four and five with the current season, understands that a very tough and difficult match awaits them against an opponent who " has dominated in the league and in Europe in recent years ", but stressed that they have" nothing to lose ", and recalled that last season they were already able to beat Real Madrid" with a little luck and 10,000 people behind " .

"It is a team made to win and we are here first to save ourselves and then to try to achieve the maximum. We know what our league is and even if we play against Real Madrid or Manresa we will always give one hundred percent", stressed Balvin, who he misses the public, crucial last year to win all the Euroleague at home. The Biscayan club has already advanced that at the beginning of the Champions League, against Pinar Karsiyaka, 600 seats will be raffled among last year's subscribers.

Hakanson also wants to experience the 'hell' of Miribilla as soon as possible by blowing in his favor: "We play for the people and with a pavilion like this and with a hobby like the one in Bilbao we miss it a lot. Miribilla full gives you a lot. The fans it can demand us and help more to put pressure on the rival. If it can be 600 it is a path. It starts with something ", he added.

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