Maverick: "It's normal to be excluded from the favorites pack"

"We are having very irregular results and these inconsistent results make us move away from the championship little by little," he says.


Maverick Viñales criticizes himself with his irregularity, capable of making him win in Misano 2 and finish ninth in the next round, in Montmeló. That has led him to move something away from his head. It was one point before the previous race and now it is 18 from Quartararo and 10 from Mir.

-With Lorenzo's times in Portimao, can you give them some valid information time?

-It also goes with last year's bike. It can give us the basic information, such as the gear change and the setting for the curves. Later, when I go on the track, it will be different, because the times will be faster, but more or less we already have an idea of the gear change. Also for the exits, because it is a short and downhill exit, and thus they can already prepare a little everything. It is clear that in terms of electronics, tuning and engine braking, we cannot use anything. The gearshift is super important, because you already get rid of that from the FP1.

-Mir and Quartararo are spoken of as clear favorites. How do you feel about this and how do you rate it?

-I value it as we are having very irregular results. We go from being first or second, to being tenth. Those inconsistent results make us move away from the championship little by little. The goal is to maintain that consistency and always be on the podium. With these inconsistent results it is impossible to be a favorite, because if in a race you go from doing first to finishing tenth, it is normal that you are excluded from that pack.

-After the change in Misano's work plan, which worked for them there and not in Montmeló, with what mentality are they facing this weekend?

-For me, the only problem in Montmeló was qualifying. I qualified fifth, surrounded by Ducati and KTM, which come out like a plane. Really, he had no choice. The first mistake came in qualifying. I was not well and I could not do any laps. This weekend the objective is to qualify in the first row, it is the most important thing. That is what defines you throughout your career. We will try to be strong on one lap, even in water. Later we will see. It is super important to go ahead, then you go looking for your path, your path, to try to go forward.

-Does trying to go out in front affect the way of working that they had started in Misano?

-You have to find a turn. At Misano the bike was fine-tuned, we modified four things for the race, but I could do a fast lap. In Montmeló we tried to go with the race setting and when I put on the new tires the bike didn't turn, I couldn't do a good lap. That tells you that in the end you have to qualify first, look for a good lap and be there in front, because I started to get in the middle of problems, I stayed behind and then I was 18 laps to pass Aleix and Cal, and there the career. At the end of the race I had a rhythm to be there, but it is useless if you are not there from the beginning. The approach is to go out and try to make a perfect lap.

-At Le Mans he has good memories ...

-I am very confident when I get to this track. I know perfectly well that I can go fast and that our bike works here. In the end you have to find the point to get that extra out of it. The circuits that are coming give me a lot of confidence, in all of them I feel very good, especially in Aragon and Valencia. We will try to give another plus, be more skilled and work with the team so that nothing escapes us. That is the goal, to gain consistency, because we go from being first to tenth very easily and it is not normal.

-What did you think of Portimao?

-The sensations are good. It is a very different and very spectacular track. I think there are going to be spectacular images of Portimao. For me, the only dangerous thing is the last corner and also turn 6, because you come from doing 5, you go up and do 6, and at that point it is as if the wall is coming in, and there you are looking at the wall because you come accelerating. That's what I see as the most dangerous, the rest is fine. There are many loopholes and that is good. On TV the circuit seemed bigger, but there it is tiny. You're going to touch gas all the time, but I really like it. It is a beautiful track, very different from what we are used to. It reminds me a lot of Phillip Island.

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