Magic sees Doncic as replacement for LeBron at Lakers

The Lakers legend was enthusiastic when they proposed the Slovenian in a talk about the medium-term future of the Los Angeles team.

With the hangover from the 17th ring still present, Lakers fans are already looking to the future. It's what the winning teams have. So do journalists, who these days are drawing up the possible guidelines for the Los Angeles team for the next few years to stay in the league's elite. That was the reason for the talk that led to ESPN's First Take a Magic Johnson show.

The legend of the Lakers, who not long ago was in command of sports operations (LeBron James came under his command) believes that the team of his life has a lot of rope left and that they should be favorites to win next year, as long as when Anthony Davis is still on the team. The power forward has the option to go to market and negotiate with any franchise, but Magic does not see any option other than the Lakers: 444 444

"Anthony Davis is now known around the world because of the platform that the Lakers provide him and he and LeBron can repeat success next season perfectly. He won't want to leave here and not have a guy like LeBron James playing by your side. because the same thing that happened to him in New Orleans would happen again. They improve each other. And last but not least, when LeBron retires they will just say to him, 'Anthony Davis, this is your team now, go take the Lakers to the next five or six championships. "

At that moment the journalist Max Kellerman interrupted him to say "just in time for Luka to be here", to which Magic, somewhat confused at first, replied that at the moment they are not worried about the Dallas Mavericks. Kellerman clarified that what he was referring to was Doncic going to the Lakers to replace LeBron, an idea with which the former baseman was very much in agreement: "Yes, it's true. Luka to the Lakers ... I like it ".

Doncic's contract

Doncic still has two years left of his rookie contract with the Mavs, who can unilaterally extend it for another four (paying him a lot more money than he is charging now), something that seems clear that will happen. Therefore, it is almost certain that the Slovenian will have a contract with his current team until at least 2026. Another thing is that it complies. That will already depend on how the franchise evolves in sport and whether the results on the court convince its star that he is in a place where he can fight for the title. If not, Doncic could try to leave before the summer of 2026 and the clearest windows to do so would be those of July 2025 or February 2026, when in the event that he did not want to renew his franchise again, he would be forced to transfer him to get something in return before he left free at the end of the 2025-26 season.

Hopefully LeBron James has retired by then. The King has two years left on his contract, the second of them optional. If he meets them, he would do so at 37 in the summer of 2022 and, no matter how long he lengthens it again, it seems difficult for him to remain active (at least at this level) in February 2025, the possible first window in which Doncic could change of scene. LeBron would then be 40 years old and Doncic 25, gradually approaching the fullness of his career.

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