Lucas busts Athletic

He came out after the break and rocked a very tactical derby. Ely scored for a foul. Berenguer made his debut but barely touched the ball. Garitano has exhausted his credit.


Lucas Pérez, the most rebellious on the prairie, was the absolute agitator of a corseted party in which everyone seemed to toast the tie. His staging after the break was like a starting flag in a frantic race to bare the miseries of this Athletic in free fall. Not even the fresh irruption of Berenguer removes the lions from a depressing dynamic. Williams and Muniain, their franchise players, are still in the catacombs and the group is limited to expecting some mischief from Raúl García, who knows the trade like no one and applies all the skills that these thousand years in football have given him. Not a shot between the three suits during the 95 minutes. This is how the painting of San Mamés goes. Raúl himself almost managed to score in the final seconds, but his shot, which was going out, was cleared just in case by Pacheco. There are too many players out of shape, or hardly any of them seem at a First level. Alavés had not scored for six games at home, until the Good Samaritan arrived.

Ely, who else, the same as last year and in goal at that time, chose the Mendizorroza derby. Athletic is going to ask for his passport to be withdrawn every time he has to travel to the Vitorian stadium, where he has not won since 2003, with Heynckes. Machín began to dictate the party's speech from his blackboard. The 3-5-2 is flexible, the back line wins a piece without the ball, as Duarte delays his position. The problem is that with three centrals, Garitano had Williams, his only tip, act as a 'windshield wiper' from one side to the other, and he did not even know who to attend to when pressing.

Pons and Pina were infinitely superior to the rojiblanco midfield. The clash was very tactical. Athletic was getting further and further behind before the babazorro push. In the final stretch of the first half the game was balanced. Without a brilliant game and with certain difficulties, the team was improving and generated up to three clear situations in the rival area. And again, the lack of precision in the last meters penalized them. The purpose until then had been to deactivate the opposite, play the tie and leave the weapons for the continuation. The lions reacted finally managed to put coherence and show flashes. Three crossed balls made the solid albiazul structure doubt for a moment.

Yuri paraded injured his ankle. As everything had been pending for a 45-minute mini-game, whoever got the changes right had a lot to gain. And that was Machín, who put a Lucas who blew up the nondescript derby. The local intensity plus during the initial 15 minutes decanted the balance. The little attention from people like Núñez and Balenziaga was exasperating.

The Galician forward first stole Núñez's wallet (Really Athletic cannot reconsider its position and give in to this center-back who is going to blunder on goal per game?), Then he took advantage of a deep pass from Pina to stand before Simón, with the slight opposition from Núñez himself, and touch the goal; took out the lack of 1-0; and finally he threw a pipe, yielded to Pons and he put in a precious pass for Joselu to finish off and force Unai Simón to save. Alavés came out of the dressing room much more dynamic and determined, although the derby was less vibrant than expected. No one was shirtless for the victory. At times, the goals looked like ornaments put up by the town hall.

On the visiting side, Morcillo and Muniain entered through Sancet and Córdoba. In this case, the vitamin that came from the bench was minimal. El Glorious had an impact on throwing balls at Capa's back and having them fought one against one against Núñez. Berenguer was able to make his debut, as a right winger, but he hardly had time to touch the ball. Duarte made a major mistake and was erased with two yellow cards in half a minute, the second for putting his arm out against Raúl García instead of putting his body in and protecting the ball. If reaching the gates was a lunar journey, the lions felt like an adventure to Jupiter. The local team entrenched themselves with their valuable 1-0 and let Athletic deepen their crisis. Garitano no longer has credit. He got the club out of the biggest hurry in its history two years ago, but now, it's over, thank you, and now it is someone else who must take off.

Machín: "We have been superior and deserving of victory"

Deportivo Alavés's coach, Pablo Machín, appreciated after his team's first win that they were "superior and deserving of victory" and that they were even able to score one more goal. given reassurance. The Soriano commented at a press conference that Alavés worked very well in the first half where they did not grant facilities to the people of Bilbao and that the beginning of the clash was "not to make mistakes." Later he celebrated that the team released more in the second half, created chances and noted that Fernando Pacheco did not have to intervene in any action. "We always work to achieve victories that give tranquility and confidence to continue evolving and we had achieved more merits than points, but this comforts us and helps us," acknowledged the babazorro coach who wanted to dedicate the victory to his fans who still cannot go to the stadium and that they also enjoyed the victory last season. Despite the good play of the team in other games, Pablo Machín explained that not only can they "live off feelings and good work" and they must corroborate it with points. "We had the game marked in red because it is the one before the break and it will be good for us to reinforce the work," revealed the coach, who understood that when victories are not achieved it is normal for doubts to appear. "He was clear that the line of work was going to give us results," said the Castilian coach who did not want to personalize the victory in any player and appreciated the contribution of all his pupils. —EFE

Garitano: "I am convinced that the team is capable of changing the dynamics"

Athletic Club's coach, Gaizka Garitano, said that he is "convinced that the team is capable of changing the dynamics" after losing against Alavés and assured that he is "willing to work and reverse the situation." The Biscayan coach explained at a press conference that his team made the same shots as Alavés, but not between the three sticks, and acknowledged that it is difficult for him to score a goal. "I've been in football for a long time and I've been in all kinds of situations," he said, and recalled that he came to Athletic when he was in the decline and he knows what it is. "We are worried because we have not made a good start to the league but we have four days," said Garitano, who stressed that Lucas Pérez reactivated his rival at the start of the second half. —EFE

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