Liverpool and Manchester United can be left without Champions

The Government and the Federation have shown themselves against the "Big Picture" project led by the Red Devils and the Red set.


Liverpool and Manchester United will not have it easy if they want to carry out their "Big Picture" project. Despite the fact that they are at a very primary point in the negotiations, and many parties are missing from accepting all the changes, many detractors have already come out to condemn the new plan. Both the Government and the Federation have been against, as well as some teams from the Premier League itself.

But no one has been as tough as Greg Clarke, president of the English Federation, who this morning issued a letter to the members of the Football Association recalling the work that the Federation has. And this implies being able to veto the teams from the Champions League.

The letter reads as follows: "It is the Federation's responsibility to decide on competitions in England - including any new proposed competitions - and it is also responsible for licensing, through UEFA, to play in Europe. Let us continue to work together to determine what is appropriate. better for English football with dialogue between all the players. There is more than economics in our sport. Changes should benefit the clubs, fans and players, it is not only an economic balance ".

During today, the Premier League teams have sat down in a meeting where the "Big Picture" project that has caused such a stir in England will be presented and discussed.

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