Laso recovers Llull: "Now I have three bases purer than him"

Madrid make their debut at the Palacio in the Euroleague against Valencia after losing in Vitoria. Marinkovic has traveled. Prepelic and Abalde, protagonists.


"Valencia has little of a cinderella now," says Pablo Laso before facing those of Ponsarnau. A duel that has become a modern classic with an extra rivalry in the offices. Hence, Prepelic, with a white past, and Abalde, signed by Madrid last July from the taronja club paying the 1.5 million euro clause, add spice. He takes it off a bit, the usual in the new normal, the stands, which are still empty in the Palace, now in its opening of the European course.

Valencia has the withdrawal of Sastre and recovers Marinkovic, who has traveled with the group. Madrid comes from a week, the last one, quite strange, in which it postponed its Sunday match due to a positive from Gran Canaria and before it came from linking its best performance of the course (in Badalona) with the worst (in Vitoria in the debut in the Euroleague) in just five days.

Laso has Llull again after overcoming a sprained ankle, but maintains the losses of Taylor (a muscle injury) and Reyes (another sprain). Fourteen players available in a squad of 16, which despite its breadth leaves unresolved doubts. For example, at the base position, with the expected departure of the irreplaceable Campazzo to the NBA, and in the paint, where Tavares does not have a pure relief. In the direction, in addition, Llull seems to have left the equation. Laso explains: “This year I'm using him more as a guard, I think now I have three purer bases than him. Due to his physical situation and his style of play, we can take advantage of his virtues to the two. Even if he got hold of someone else, not just Campazzo, Alocen, and Laprovittola, Abalde would be there. We must focus Sergi on what we want, most of the time in my head I see him as an escort, although if he has to do base there will be no problem ”.

Regarding the lack of a replacement for Tavares (the pandemic stopped the signing of Zizic), the coach sees the situation like this: “He is very dominant and special. I have versatile and different players who can replace him, but with different roles because there is only one Tavares. And there I think Garuba is a four, although he can act as a five. Thompkins? If you ask him, he will tell you that in college he always worked as a pivot, so not only does he not mind, but he's happy. He moves well near the basket and, defensively, he is the one who can help us the most out of five ”. Alternatives for plugging a hole.

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