La Vuelta has official Fantasy from Biwenger and AS

Teams of eight riders, with captains and daily changes, to test the knowledge of the users. A tournament within the famous Biwenger app.


La Vuelta 2020 (October 20-November 8) will have its own official Fantasy: Fantasy by LaVuelta by Carrefour. A fantastic opportunity for fans to test their knowledge in an unpredictable edition of the Spanish round, but one that will feature many of the biggest names in the pack. An initiative that will also come from the hand of Biwenger and Diario AS, with extensive experience in this type of game since they are responsible for Biwenger of LaLiga, the fantasy with the most traffic in Spain and which has more than one and a half million registered users. All registered users will be able to participate, since you can enter from the same app, or download it for free if you do not have one yet. The initiative will also be sponsored by Carrefour, the same sponsor as La Roja, the Vuelta leader's jersey.

The operation is very simple. You can choose between competing in the OFFICIAL FANTASY LEAGUE LA VUELTA 20 BY CARREFOUR against the rest of the users, or setting up a private league in which only whoever participates.

8 cyclists, 4 specialists

When it comes to forming the team that will represent you, there are a series of conditions that will force you to develop a daily strategy. With a fixed budget, each user must set up a team of eight riders among the Vuelta participants. Each cyclist will have a price, according to their relevance, and also a specialty among the four existing ones: leader, climber, versatile and sprinter. Each training must have a mandatory runner from each category, while the remaining four will be freely selectable… as long as their cost falls within the budget. In addition, it should be noted that there are also young riders: it is not mandatory to have one, but they will also give points for the classification of the white jersey, so betting on the promises can also be profitable. Or for the cyclists who try the most, since the prize of combativeness will also be taken into account.

Each stage will distribute points, and also the general and complementary classifications after each day. In addition, in each stage you can choose a captain who, on that day alone, will double the points he achieves on the day. Therefore, before each stage, the user must decide which runner he thinks can shine the most on that day. For example, perhaps in a high finish it is interesting to give the captaincy to the leader or the best climber of the team, but we must not forget that in a flat stage, perhaps the one that gives the most income is your sprinter or your versatile runner who struggles to be in the leakage. It is not the same to bet on Roglic, Enric Mas or Thibaut Pinot in Angliru as it is on the road to Ejea de los Caballeros, where Sam Bennett or Pascal Ackermann can be the main protagonists. And don't forget that in mid-mountain terrain, guessing which rider can get into the good getaway will be the key to making a difference.

Changes can be made!

In the Biwenger application you can start making the teams, for now with the pre-registered runners, although it will be necessary to check before the race starts that the members will be at the starting line. But if you forget, there is no problem, since this Fantasy does allow changes (one a day, except in private leagues, which can be configured to the taste of the participants). Therefore, from the end of the stage until the start of the next day, decisions must be made: from which captain is convenient for you to double points, to which rider you should substitute to try to get more points. An idea that will require being very aware of the development of the race, the information that comes out or even the opinion of each runner, which will be published daily in AS. In any detail can be the track that determines which cyclists you should bet on that day. In Fantasy La Vuelta by Carrefour every day counts.

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