La Fonteta makes Unicaja smile again

The trio Abromaitis (20 points), Brizuela (16) and Alberto Díaz (9 points, 7 assists and 7 steals) knocked down a Valencia that accused the Euroleague hangover.


The Unicaja resurrected in a place where it already did once. If in that Eurocup final in 2017 he silenced La Fonteta, this time it was not necessary. Although he left again with a smile on his mouth. They needed it. And they did it from the mud. He took her in the final moments, where he was better than a Valencia that swelled to commit losses in the plays of truth. In total, there were 22, back to the old ways. Brizuela took advantage of it, with a triplazo and a basket in a row that opened the final gap.

And that gave the feeling that, as soon as Dubljevic (15 points and 8 rebounds) and Kalinic (14 + 5) got serious, the game would fall on the taronja side. The bad thing is that they were alone, especially in key moments. And despite the fact that Unicaja insisted on giving Valencians extra lives, they did not take advantage of it.

Unicaja took the victory thanks to the Abromaitis trio (20 points and 5 rebounds), Brizuela (16 points) and above all Alberto Díaz, again Alberto Díaz at La Fonteta. His roster shone with 9 points, 7 assists and 7 recoveries. Back and forth, the redhead decided the duel with his actions.

Valencia took to the track with the inertia that gave him victory at the Wizink Center last Thursday. With a Prepelic in a killer plan (9 of the first 14 taronjas points were his) and a good defense, the local advantage went to heaven immediately (17-5, min. 6). Casimiro stopped him and the second unit did not sit well with the Valencians. Three triples from Abromaitis (2) and Bouteille flushed out the rent. And a basket from Brizuela completed a 3-13 run that returned Unicaja to the game.

The Ponsarnau team had a problem with Brizuela just as they had with Feldeine last week, against Betis. Since Sastre was injured, this is a hole that Ponsarnau must plug. A 0-10 run, with eight in a row from Brizuela put the maximum for Unicaja (24-28, min. 16). You live was the patch. Valencia was also stuck in attack (11 losses in the first half, 4 by Van Rossom). It painted bad. But at that moment, Kalinic, the head of the defense, jumped onto the court again. Consequence: Unicaja did not score more until after the break. In attack Dubljevic became great and the fourth ended with a partial taronja (9-0) that left him 33-28 at halftime.

The passage through the changing rooms again disconnected Valencia. Another partial 1-8, truffled with a technique forced by Casimiro, turned on the taronja alarm clock. The game had to be changed and Kalinic did it his way: from defense. Every robbery, every rebound, every ball touched ... it was gasoline to later attack Unicaja's basket. 10 points followed by a giant Kalinic made Unicaja stagger. But Abromaitis held him every time, abusing a clueless Derrick Williams. Two free throws by Tobey again gave a small pull for Valencia (51-43, min. 28). Abromaitis and a final triple by Alberto Díaz left him in the minimum (51-49), with only a quarter to play.

Ponsarnau initiated the final act with the second unit. And it showed. The hangover from Thursday's game against Real Madrid weighed on body and mind. A partial 2-7 entry from Malaga put them up again. Only Tobey held the guy at Valencia. A Waczyinski basket made it 59-63 (min. 34) and Ponsarnau put the Balkan trio Prepelic-Kalinic-Dubljevic on the court. A triple by Dubljevic put Valencia ahead but another by Brizuela, in the face of Hermannsson and the repeated losses of taronjas gave the victory to the greens.

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