Juventus appears in the stadium without Naples

The mess continues: the southerners did not travel for their positives, but the League explains that the protocol signed by FIGC and the Government allowed it, so Juventus appeared at the stadium.


The fight between Napoli, Juventus and Lega Serie A continues. After the communication of the 'ASL', local health authority, the Azzurri yesterday did not travel to Turin due to their three positives (Zielinski, Elmas and the manager Costi). According to the provision, the entire squad must be isolated for 14 days and it is most likely that between tonight and tomorrow the team will focus on Castel Volturno to continue their training sessions. Meanwhile, Vecchia Signora, as confirmed yesterday, appeared tonight at the Allianz Stadium to play at 20:45. The Turinese have the support of Serie A.

The League, this afternoon, reported that, although the 'ASL' notified the isolation for the Azzurri, in these cases the protocol of the Italian Football Federation is applied, agreed with the Ministry of Health and the Government's Scientific Technical Committee. In the note, Serie A recalled that teams such as Torino, Milan, Genoa and Atalanta applied it to play their matches despite the positives in covid present in their squads, since “the protocol provides inescapable rules that allow playing in these situations ”.

There are, then, no "provisions of state or local authorities that impede the development of the party." That means that, if there are no news, Napoli will lose in the offices, with a 3-0, the confrontation with Juventus. Most likely, De Laurentiis will appeal against this punishment: a long and complicated legal battle is announced. And the fear of many is that it will end up paralyzing the championship.

Agnelli: "Juve respects the regulations, the protocol was clear"

Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, explained in 'Sky Sport' the position of Juventus in the absence of Naples in Turin for tonight's game. According to the top manager of the Vecchia Signora, there were the conditions to play: “We have a very clear protocol, it was foreseeable that something like this could happen and in case of positives it should be applied, since it is signed by Federcalcio and the Scientific Technical Committee of the government. You have to isolate the whole group in a structure to be able to continue playing: everything was planned and that is what we have done. Yesterday we learned that in our group there were two positives and we isolated ourselves. At the base must be the spirit of sports loyalty and the will to want to play, there are rules that allow us to continue to do so safely. ”

Agnelli revealed that De Laurentiis, Napoli president, asked him to postpone the match: “We sent each other a message and I told him that Juventus, as always, will respect the regulations. He asked me to postpone the game, but there are rules and regulations that tell us how we should behave. Not respecting it would be a mistake as citizens rather than as athletes. ”

Asked how he would have behaved in the place of the southerners, the bianconero said: “We would have traveled without any doubt. I do not think that the ASL of Turin would have published the same provision as that of Naples. Something did not work. There is a protocol approved by the Ministry of Health ”. Finally, Agnelli commented on the victory in the offices due to the absence of the rival: “I preferred to win on the grass, of course” .

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