Italy cries out against Cristiano

"I think that he did not respect the protocol going and coming from Portugal, if there were no specific authorizations from the health authorities," said the Minister of Sport.


Cristiano and his positive in Covid-19 have been one of the news that has caused the most stir in Italy, where 8,804 infections and 83 deaths were added this Thursday. The ex-Madridista decided to spend the quarantine in Turin and his trip from Portugal has been criticized by the Minister of Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, who on 'Radio 1' stated: "I think he did not respect the protocol going and coming from Portugal, if there were no authorizations specific to the health authorities ".

The minister clarified that he was referring above all to the outward journey, when the Portuguese and several Juventus internationals came out of the club's 'bubble' (due to two positives in the entity) to respond to the call of their national teams. The Local Health Authority of Turin, in that case, pointed out to the Public Prosecutor's Office Ronaldo, Dybala, Bentancur, Danilo and Cuadrado for traveling during isolation. However, Roberto Testi, director of the ASL prevention department, explained that, for the return to Italy, "the regulations foresee the procedure that Cristiano followed."

To the minister's statements, Andrea Agnelli, president of Juve, who spoke after the general meeting of shareholders, responded: "You should call the Ministry of Health so that they can explain to you what rule I would have violated. I am a sports manager and I respect federal protocols" . And, about the trip of his international players, he added: "When the footballers return home they are free citizens, and if the national teams call, they want to respond" .

The behavior of CR7 before its positive PCR was also criticized. Antonella Viola, an immunologist from the University of Padova, told 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' that the photo of the Portuguese eating with his team mates, very close to each other and without a mask, "is just the behavior that should be avoided." But the case of the bianconero is only the tip of the iceberg: in Calcio there are 31 infected and there are enormous doubts about how the league will continue. On Saturday the ball is rolling again with Naples-Atalanta, Samp-Lazio, Inter-Milan and Crotone-Juve. But that already seems like just a detail.

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