Is Hamilton better than Schumacher?

Michael Schumacher's 91 grand prix victories seemed for a long time unattainable by any other driver


Michael Schumacher's 91 grand prix victories seemed for a long time unattainable for any other driver. Until the hegemonic stage of Mercedes began and Lewis Hamilton began to exploit his enormous talent to unsuspected levels. And at the Nurburgring, paradoxically at the home of the 'Kaiser', the record has been equaled and will soon be surpassed. It is much more than an anecdote, than a simple statistic, because it highlights the enormous potential of the Briton and leaves the door open for speculation about his limits. The seventh title is the next in which he will tie with the German, because only a misfortune can take him away from a goal that he already caresses, it will certainly not be a rival who does it.

In this context, it seems inevitable that comparisons will arise, that the debate will open about which of these exceptional athletes deserves honorary recognition as the best in the history of Formula 1, if the results are the yardstick for such a privilege. I have no answer or opinion about it. In fact, I avoid even asking it because I consider that the different periods cannot be evaluated under parameters that allow us to reach a correct conclusion. Each moment, each circumstance, each reality differ so much that I see it daring to draw conclusive conclusions, as if it were a mathematical equation. The indisputable thing is that one and the other, in the order that each one prefers, have left their mark on the great prizes as few others have done.

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