Improvement, suffering and leadership

Madrid ended up asking for the time in a match in which he could score. Vinicius decided again, with a goal of mettle, and Courtois, with four great saves. The whites are already leaders.


Asensio-Benzema-Vinicius. Write it down, because the end of the debate is coming. Definitely the bow of Madrid. With a goal from the Brazilian and the good company of the French and the Balearic Islands, the white team signed the best minutes of the course. Then he won as always, by a tubular, because the gift of scoring is not in this squad, and by Courtois, whose relevance in games should trigger the alarm.

Zidane rolled the dice for the fourth time hoping for a goal. Players and they enter and leave the anthill, arranged in different geometries, with the intention that Madrid become productive. From approved scraping to approved scraping he reached the outstanding mark in the last League, but there is the conviction that it will not reach either in this or in Europe, where there is a lot of loose lion. This time he turned to extremes, a rereading of the classic, with Asensio and Vinicius, the most popular among the fans. It is up to the Brazilian to decide if he goes to Robinho or to Neymar. For the Balearic Islands, if he is a passing or vintage player. At the other end, Paco López brought together Morales and Roger, schoolmates at the subsidiary for a decade. A couple of great repute: Roger, a scorer; Morales, a complete attacker, valid for slalom because of his ability and for the descent, due to his speed.

The presence of the four went a long way from the start, in a match without preamble, with regular trips from area to area and an improper rock rhythm at the beginning of the year. And as a logical consequence, the goal, from VInicius, unraveled from a corner kick that no one finished off. He knew how to wait for the ball and place it next to the stick with smoothness and precision, in the detail of a serene and scrupulous finisher, which he never was. The bullfighting courage that was supposed to be accompanied by his temper. There are less gaps left for Zidane not to put it.

The Levante is a team with pretensions. Very high pressure, defense very close to the center of the field and two points and two creative players, Campaña and Bardhi, to accompany from outside in. A daring that gives and takes away. It is a permanent threat but tolerates a lot back. So the same thing brushes the goal with a cross shot from Morales or a header to the crossbar from Vukcevic that swallows four cons in a row from Madrid, all more resolute, because on the way to the goal Benzema is lost at times. We are in one of them.

A open game, everything improved in Madrid: Nacho was once again the perfect firefighter, Casemiro and Valverde catch the tone, Asensio is far above his competitors, Vinicius exists and Hazard does not, Varane and Ramos are a strong ... ordering everything, the best Modric, whose enormous presence swallowed up Levante.

Acceleration and fainting

In the second half, Madrid opened gas. Too many minimal victories, the kind that lengthen the game and the suffering in recent games. In just ten minutes he had opportunities to thrash: Benzema's shot at the post, Vinicius' too cross chopped, the Brazilian's free-door blunder ... And after the gale, he fainted: two shots from Bardhi and two lifeguards from Courtois, second with his foot, by reflexes, after a rebound in Casemiro, and another two zapatatas outside De Frutos and Morales. Four occasions for a draw against a lazy Madrid in the retreat. This tic is recurrent in Zidane's team: the temperature of his game rises and falls suddenly and that prevents him from closing the games.

Y so that it would not be missing in a Madrid match, the VAR, which made a Ramos goal illegal for a microscope offside. Before Levante, already shirtless, had asked for Casemiro's second yellow. Sensing the danger Zidane changed creativity for work in the bands (Lucas and Rodrygo). It was a change for the worse. Levante arrived a lot and well. Courtois took out two more to a team that surpassed a devoured rival midfield. That attack did not give him for the tie and it did make him fit the 0-2, against Benzema. The end of the anguish and the beginning of the new leadership of Madrid.

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