"The image of Alonso overturning is one of the most mediatic"

The last chapter of the documentary 'Fernando', from Amazon Prime Video, details the adventures of the Asturian in the desert of Saudi Arabia.


The last chapter and last challenge of Fernando Alonso since his departure from Formula 1. The fifth episode of the documentary narrates the adventure of the Spanish driver on the dunes of the Saudi Arabian desert. A path that he does not travel alone, which has the invaluable help of Marc Coma and the Toyota team of mechanics, essential for the Asturian to fulfill his goal of reaching Qiddiya.

Contrary to Formula 1 and closer to what has been experienced in the Resistance, the partner is crucial to achieve success. “In the Dakar, the co-driver does not have the last word, he helps you get to the next point, but not to drive what is there. Although with Marc's experience we try to see any danger, whatever we might encounter, ”says Alonso. A relationship that Coma also details: “We have been able to build a relationship of mutual respect. It was also difficult for me, because at the beginning you had to speak much more than at the end, when I already knew a lot more things ”.

One of the hardest points of the test was the death of Paulo Gonçalves, one of the Dakar's most beloved and experienced pilots, whom Coma remembers in front of the cameras: “When we passed through the point, you could see the helicopters flying overhead. I sensed that it was something very serious, I made a small comment to Fernando, but nothing more, because you had to make a management and be focused. I knew Paulo for a long time. We practically started the Dakar together. There was a very good relationship and it is sometimes the price that some of us have to pay for doing what we do. It is a very great misfortune. ”

Another of the most impressive moments of Alonso's journey in Saudi Arabia was his accident at the exit of a dune, in which the car overturned. This is how the Asturian tells it: “The image of the dune is one of the most popular on the Dakar. There were a lot of photographers and that caused it to be broadcast almost immediately. If that happens 50 km further ahead, nobody notices. Luckily we were able to continue. ”

Objective achieved

The documentary highlights the importance of Marc Coma throughout the episode and of Carlos Sainz, who recognizes his desire to have formed a team with Alonso in the Dakar: “I would have liked to have run the Dakar in the same team as Fernando, it would have been very funny. It would have given us the opportunity to spend much more time together, to comment on the play and to enjoy the race more together. The first one who was happy about my victory was him. He knows the difficulty, what lies behind it and values what it means to achieve it being so veteran ”.

Finally, Amazon Prime collects the impressions of Alonso and Coma after finishing the last stage with a 13th place in the general classification. “It has been a very special experience for me. It caught me at a time in my life away from the race, but it is true that when the possibility arose, for me it was something important and where I really believed I could contribute a lot ”, reflects Coma. While the Asturian speaks of “mission accomplished”: “Being able to finish the race gave me great joy. It was a bit of a mission accomplished. Everyone was very happy and proud. After so many months, of so much preparation, we had completed our mission. ”

And it is that finishing the Dakar near the top-10, with second and fourth places in stages, in a discipline that is not yours, is something very difficult to achieve and that very few, according to Alonso himself, value: “I have I won two F1 world championships, one of endurance, Daytona, Le Mans and I have been to a Rally where I could do very badly, and it would even be normal, but if I did it well, it would not be given so much importance either, because people think that I adapt very well and they tend to underestimate some of these challenges that we are doing. I know what it has meant and I think we have come out of all this strengthened. ”

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