Hamilton, goodbye to gasoline

The new crusade of the British driver is to give up driving combustion cars, limiting their mobility to electric ones.


Apart from his undeniable sporting maturity, Lewis Hamilton is also more aware than ever of social demands. He leads the 'Black Lives Matter' movement in Formula 1 and has now announced his resignation from driving combustion cars off the racetrack, as a contribution to caring for the environment.

On his official Instagram account he has published an image, which has already been seen by more than a million people, posing next to the Mercedes-Benz EQS electric prototype. And accompany the photo with a clear message: “I am making many changes in my life to reduce the impact on the environment, the first step on this journey was to understand it. Since then, I have offset my carbon footprint from my activity in Formula 1 dating back to 2007, I have reduced trips whenever possible and, off the track, I try to use electric cars. ”

The leader of the World Championship and great favorite for this year's title, which will be the seventh of his sporting career, is also committed to the brand for which he competes: “I also want to use my position as a pilot to promote positive and permanent change, for what I am working closely with Mercedes to move its range of cars to electric. This is the new car of my dreams, the all-electric Mercedes EQS. I can't wait for it to launch! ”

Hamilton's wish is justified because the EQS model next to which he kneels is, for the moment, a prototype that Mercedes-Benz presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. It is an attractive and futuristic coupe that is scheduled to be marketed over the next year, with a power of 475 hp and an approved range of 700 kilometers per charge. A performance, undoubtedly, much lower than that of the sports cars that the pilot had used up to now for his usual journeys.

For Hamilton this gesture exemplifies what he intends to become a whole philosophy of life, as he explains in defining his goals when he retires from F1: a better future for our children. ”

Photos from as.com
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