Guardiola loses Gabriel Jesús and De Bruyne for "several games"

The Catalan coach loses Gabriel Jesús and De Bruyne for "several games" due to injury: "And the Champions League is just around the corner."


Pep Guardiola has confirmed that he loses Kevin De Bruyne for "several games" in the return of the Premier League after the Belgian returned injured from the national team break. Nor will it have Gabriel Jesus. The Catalan coach, in his press conference, spoke before the game against Arsenal.

Situation of the squad: "They have come back from the national teams better than in the September break, when we had some injuries. De Bruyne is injured. He will be out for several games, but not long. Gabriel is also injured. There are injuries in some muscles that If you force yourself, you can lose yourself for a long time, we have to be careful ".

Approach to injuries ?: "I will try to attack as much as possible and defend as best as possible. We need points and the Champions League is just around the corner, we don't have time to think"

Aguero injury: "He is training well, we are happy. All teams need forwards, I am very happy to see him back after such a long time."

Mikel Arteta: "All of us who know him had no doubt what he is achieving. He is a phenomenal fit at Arsenal. He is a competitor, a fighter and knows what he wants on the field. We are very happy about what he is achieving in London ".

Big Picture project: "I want the best for the English football and soccer world. I didn't hear much about the Big Picture, but I'm a big fan of the youth ranks because I come from there."

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