Giedraitis puts an end to the curse of Fernando Martín

The Lithuanian gives the first victory this season to Estudiantes with three free throws. The Ramireños had 13 years without winning in Fuenlabrada.


13 years, 7 months, and a week. That was the time that Movistar Estudiantes had not beaten Urban Fuenlabrada at the Fernando Martín. Quite a sentence. A Cursed Temple that seemed impregnable, a precipice whose descent had no end: it fell, fell and fell without finding the bottom. It was a torment for the schoolboys, who for years had turned their game in the south of Madrid in the red. But it was always water. Neither with monstrous performances like Edwin Jackson's in 2017 (39 points) nor with Fuenla one step away from relegation.

A deep wound that a 20-year-old boy closed 4,970 days later. With astonishing coolness and from the free throw line, Dovydas Giedratis gave Estu the first win of the season. The guard scored three after being fouled by Meindl and with just 2.2 seconds left. An inexplicable temper by age, but not by quality, because the Lithuanian has a prodigious doll in abundance. Fuenla had the opportunity to at least equalize the duel, but Robert Upshaw, who was great from the break, missed a shot well defended by Víctor Arteaga, another of the greats of the day.

It was a heads or tails. And this time it fell in favor of Estudiantes, who started well, fell apart like a sugar before the break, went in bursts in the third quarter and kept their nerves in the last. In the opening minutes, the Arteaga-Roberson association was a reef in the blocking and central continuation before a slow Upshaw, who did not arrive and drowned, a blurred Ehigiator (7 minutes, 3 fouls) and a testimonial Chema González. There was no response from Fuenlabrada and the Cuenca pivot accumulated 10 points with a 5 of 6 in the launch and a PIR of 11 in 9 minutes. He closed his best performance of the course: 16 (8 of 9) and 19. There were 12 goals in the painting of the schoolboys without opposition for 16-18 at the end of the first quarter.

But everything in the schoolhouse changes with a sigh. Melo Trimble intoned. The Giedraitis formula on him was not very successful. The point guard, who the pandemic prevented from playing with the schoolboys last season, found his tailored suit and scored 6 goals in 5 minutes, 13 at halftime and closed his exhibition with 28, 5 of 8 from the triple. Paco García's men shot up on the scoreboard (38-30) due to an alarming lack of concentration in the defense of their rival: many easy baskets, ridiculous on multiple occasions. His 2 of 10 3-pointers wasn't helping either ... until Avramovic got serious on Gentile's redebut for the Blues. The Italian, slimmer than in his first stage, scored 12 points.

Heads or tails

I don't doubt. The guard returned to the origins to reach 21 goals, despite his 1 of 7 in triples (if not on the one hand, then on the other): penetration, penetration and penetration so that his rival does not go further of the ten points difference… and had opportunities: 54-45 with 3:40 left to end the period, with Emegano as the executor. What a player Fuenla has there: 15 points, 9 in the third quarter, with a sore ankle from the beginning of the crash. Upshaw got the hang of it a day (12 points, 9 rebounds, 20 valuation) and Vene brought out that little doll that God has given him to punish.

El Estu threatened, but did not hit. 45-42, 54-51, 54-53, 57-55. He always got slammed in the face. Cvetkovic shot down the middle street: triple from 8 meters and first collegiate advantage (57-58) from 5-6. New match. Partial match. Small, elastic and volatile with the best version of Vicedo and Roberson's world tour (5 of his 7 points in that period), who left everything for the last seconds and for Giedraitis's little hand. Three hits from the personal line that remove a historical weight in the collegiate conscience. 13 kilos neither more nor less.

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