France calls for the demolition of Nadal's 'statue'

The newspaper L'Équipe publishes this Friday an original cover about the semifinals of Roland Garros in which Rafa Nadal appears as a statue as a legend in Paris.


Rafael Nadal is, along with Novak Djokovic, Diego Schwartzman and Stefanos Tsitsipas, the main protagonist of this Friday's cover of the French sports newspaper L'Équipe, which dedicates one of its two editions to the semi-finals of Roland Garros.

L'Équipe puts Nadal on a pedestal (literally) on its cover today with a forceful headline: "A statue to tear down", accompanied by images during the tournament of Djokovic, Schwartzman and Tsitsipas, while Nadal is illustrated as a statue as the current champion of the tournament that the rest of the semifinalists will try to dethrone. The statue also symbolizes the legend that the Balearic Islands have created at Roland Garros with his 12 titles won since 2005.

The French newspaper includes the following subtitle next to the illustration. "Head of the venue, Rafa Nadal is two games away from lifting his thirteenth title at Roland Garros. Diego Schwartzman will be his rival in the semi-finals and then Novak Djokovic or Stefanos Tsitsipas will have a huge challenge to meet."

Nadal hopes to triumph today against Schwartzman to fight on Sunday against Djokovic or Tsitsipas for his thirteenth Roland Garros title and to make good the 'statue' that L'Équipe has dedicated to him and to continue enlarging his legend on the clay of Paris.

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