"Standing for so long sucks because it is so bad"

The Madrid footballer went to 'El Transistor' and spoke about what Luis Enrique said: "He wasn't watching a series but he was sick with the flu.


Marco Asensio is overcoming the small bumps that he has been finding at the beginning of the year. The Balearic player returns to his best level and he showed it in the last two league games with Madrid, in which he started. In September he gave the scare with La Roja, when he retired from the squad due to an edema in the knee, and last week he suffered a pharyngitis, which prevented him from training with Real Madrid in Valdebebas. He was not called up for the matches in Spain against Switzerland and Ukraine and Luis Enrique was asked about his absence before playing against the Swiss national team (“I think that now he must be watching a Netflix series, quietly at home, sitting on the sofa ", said). The Balearic footballer spoke in El Transistor, of Onda Cero, about the words of the selector and about how the season has started in Madrid:" When he said that he was not watching a series, he was sick with the flu. It is normal that that question did not sit well with him because I know that he does not like to talk about people who are not summoned. I have a very good relationship with him, he is a great guy and quite funny ".

Death of his mother. "My mother was very outgoing, she always said what she thought. We met Florentino Pérez walking around Mallorca one day when I was a child, we took a picture with him and my mother told him that I would play for Madrid. prepared for the death of a mother, less than 15. The luck is that we have an exemplary father and we are very close, he, my brother and I, our mother wanted it that way. I remember her every day ".

Selection. "They are a bit strange these days because it has been a long time since I had been summoned in a national team break, but I will continue working to be there again. I liked the two teams, the two games, they were different because the rival also conditions you, but the national team from Luis Enrique always comes out to win ".

Injury. "When I remember the injury, I get goose bumps; you realize at the moment that it is serious. Something like it separates, the knee swells, until they tell you, you don't want to believe it, but from the beginning I knew it was serious. Going into the operating room, it was one of the worst moments of my life, I was in a panic, I had never entered before. I told them: "Sleep me since I can't hold on. It is that in the end you depend on others, on how they operate on you, what they do with you, that they do it well. Those moments I will never forget. In recovery, at first I suffered a lot, I had a lot of pain, being in a wheelchair, I could not lead a normal life, they had to accompany me to do everything, I slept for an hour, an hour and a half, because I did not stop thinking about it. knee. It is an experience that has strengthened me in everything. The injury has changed me, it is every day a fight against yourself, trying to improve, every day a different goal because if it was not a step backwards in recovery. There have been many days in which I said: "But how am I going to play football again! There have also been good and exciting moments that I will not forget. The simple act of walking and not hurting at all was a great moment. Then start running, play again and score at 25 seconds. Now you value your health more, standing for so long sucks because it's really bad ".

Zidane. "When I arrived at Madrid in 2016 I knew I had to have a good preseason to convince Zidane, he told me that he was going to start in the European Super Cup, and that he was counting on me, so I couldn't start. Zidane is very sincere. He gives a lot of tranquility and is a great coach who has given Madrid many titles, every year he surpasses himself. When I was a child I had the poster of his volley in my room ".

Real Madrid. "I never said that I did not want to pull the car, anyone who knows football understood my words; I am more than prepared for this season, I have tremendous illusion, there are many competitions and we want to win everything" .

Hazard. "I see Hazard quite animated, I see him very well, it is difficult for him because he was not used to injuries and what happened to him is bad luck. As soon as he feels well he will surely regain confidence quickly" .

Empty stadiums. "It is rare to play without an audience, the matches seem more tactical, everything is more restrained, more controlled ... because sometimes it seems that the noise of the people goes crazy, but I hope that little by little people can enter the stadium and regain normalcy in the stands ".

Video arbitration. "The VAR does justice. Then we enter into that there are gray things that can be improved" .

Holder in Madrid. "Of course I would like to be in the starting eleven and play, but that's up to the coach. I look just as good and even better than before the injury. I've always felt a lot of pressure, I understand that people expect a lot from me and what I want is to return that illusion in me with titles for Real Madrid ".

Messi. "I didn't care whether Messi left or stayed; if he stayed it would be better for Barcelona; I like playing against the best" .

Rafael Nadal. "I met Nadal at Godó 6 or 7 years ago; before playing for Madrid I had not met him in person. He saw me at Mallorca and told Florentino that there was a boy there who did well. I like him I play tennis whenever I can, but I have never rallied with Nadal, it is a thorn that I have stuck there. Yesterday of course I congratulated him and sent him a message ".

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