Fans, falls ... and Démare

The seventh stage of the Giro d'Italia had it all in just 143 kilometers. With 20 ahead the situation calmed down and in the sprint he had no choice.


When the cyclists started in Matera they knew that the day would not be smooth. They only had 143 kilometers ahead, but wind had been announced and there were great straights. Fans? Fans. There were also falls ... and a sprint. Uncertainty and nerves marked the day, less in the final rus. Arnaud Démare left no option to doubt in the volata. It was imposed with great superiority. Sagan, at his wheel, was unable to overcome the French champion and Gaviria, who was facing his first great opportunity, did not have the strength either. Third stage for Démare at the Giro, thirteenth so far this season. Intractable.

The day began with a group looking for the escape. They did it, but it wasn't the day. The peloton didn't give them a joke and as soon as they hit the open road, the excitement began and the escape was over. Fuglsang, Pozzovivo and Simon Yates were surprised at the fans and cut themselves. The first two stayed in a group that lost a maximum of 20 seconds, but the British came to leave almost a minute. Finally, and seeing that the escabechina had not been such, he raised his foot a little. Just enough for everyone to regroup.

The sensation on television is that they did not roll fast, but it was an illusion. Frapporti and Pellaud tried to escape, but even with the brake applied they did not scratch for more than 20 seconds. In the absence of 75 kilometers again, the nerves returned. Dropped into a curve and Fuglsang was cut off again. No problem, although the scare was there. It would not be the last. At 45 from the finish line, due to a narrowing caused by the banner indicating the distance at the end there was a fall again. This time many people were trapped and again there were cuts. Ganna was the main name to suffer.

At the head they were not going to make a difference, but neither did they stand still. That made it difficult to link. It was achieved 20 kilometers from the finish line. The day was being very hard (the average was 51.23 km / h) and nobody broke the order. He touched sprinting and Démare, in a very strange and tense volata, gave no choice. In general, Almeida is still the leader and Peio Bilbao, second, lost 6 seconds when he cut himself in the final rus. This Saturday, the peloton will experience a stage that is expected to be nervous. The initial part will be close to the coast, which can cause fans again. From kilometer 85 (it will be 200 km of stage) the terrain will be leg-breaking. Two ports and a broken road that can give surprises.

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