El Granca pays for Madrid's European dishes

The whites, with a great defense, erase Gran Canaria from the track in the second half. Campazzo, 8 assists. Tavares, 15 points. Canterano Tristan Vukcevic makes his debut.


Usually happens. When a big man goes through a pothole, the risk for a third party to pay for the broken dishes increases. This time the one who had to replace the entire dishes went to Herbalife Gran Canaria. He stood up until the break and then Madrid erased him from the court, from his own court in a duel on the fourth day, last, postponed by a positive from an island player.

We saw a very didactic Laso in the time-outs after Thursday's anger about how the setback occurred against Valencia. Then he warned that whoever made war on their own would not play. The staff responded, first with an extra mistake and then with a fair amount of success and a supportive performance. Campazzo and Tavares set the pace. There were some very good moments ago and the necessary appearance of Deck and Thompkins.

At the beginning, the face to face made it clear that the two blocks are trying to meet. El Granca, well in the Eurocup and somewhat lost in the League. And Madrid, firm in the ACB and unrecognizable in Europe, although for the moment only against Spanish opponents (Baskonia and Valencia are the cause of the 0-2 in their locker). Both stuck to the basics and there the first thing is defense. An ugly first quarter (12-18) and a second that cheered up with the minutes, as the triples entered. The locals chained four to get up (34-33 after hits by Dimsa, Ferrari, Costello and Albicy). About half of his shots were long shots, the targets went well beyond: almost a third more 3-point attempts than two. And with three targets they completed a 0-11 partial in the last two minutes before intermission. First great gap, the final one.

In the resumption, Laso pulled one of his star quintets in defense, the most physical with Campazzo, Abalde, Deck (now forward), Garuba and Tavares. It worked. They killed the duel with the Facu of captain general, recovering his essence, that of a team man, that of a game generator and born passer. In three acts and 23:33 of action (then he rested), he accumulated 8 assists and 11 points with only 6 shots. Plus 4 steals for 24 valuation. The beneficiary of many of his passes was Tavares, who destroyed the yellow ring that saw him grow: 15 points (6 of 8, three dunks). Good finishes, with decision and body balance. And well cutting and continuing with his teammates very attentive, not only the base. This time, in addition, neither Costello nor Wiley, the five locals, did Dubljevic, even if they tried: 3 out of 11 out of three between them. Threat aborted. Those of Porfirio Fisac saw them and wished them to add just 11 points in the third quarter. Thompkins relieved Edy and hit a streak. There was no one to close the wound: 59-87.

The 15th youth squad of the Laso

era Laprovittola had returned to the stage with more success after starting as a starter with little skill as a guard. Taylor and Reyes had stayed in Madrid, still injured; Randolph, also touched; Causeur and Tisma. So Laso took Tristan Vukcevic to Las Palmas and made him debut in an official match after he had made his preseason debut against Betis. Son of Dusan Vukcevic, forward who wore white in the 2001-02 season with Scariolo as coach, Tristan is a center of 2.08 m and 17 years and 7 months exactly. He was born on March 11, his number is 11 and has made his debut on October 11, the 15th youth squad to do so with the coach from Vitoria. He came to the world in 2003 in Siena, Italy, where his father (Serbian with Greek nationality) was performing then. His mother is Swedish. On the court he stands out for his long shot and a precise touch near the basket, and for his good mobility for his size and vision of the game for his age. Another of the pearls of the quarry that will try to make his way in the difficult professional world. Happy premiere for Madrid. A triumph to calm down and return to the charge in the Euroleague, on the eve of a double continental day.

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