Earthquake in the Premier

Under the new measures, English league clubs can request up to 260 million euros for aid in improving stadiums.


The news about the Big Picture project that has the Premier League in suspense does not stop. If the promoters are Liverpool and Manchester United, and it has been published that they will have the support of the rest of the Big Six teams (Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea), the news that The Telegraph has published exclusively today has as its protagonist Jose Mourinho's team, since thanks to the project they can claim around 130 million euros to cover the expenses of the new White Hart Lane.

Under the new measures, clubs can apply for up to 260 million euros for aid in stadium improvements, but only if they have been in the Premier League in 12 of the last 15 years. There will be a jackpot of more than 150 million annually to help the clubs in this section. The proposal reads like this: "Any club that has completed a project in the last ten years with a minimum expenditure of 50 million will receive 50% assistance in payments during the next 15 years up to a total of 25% of the capital."

For its part, Liverpool would also benefit from the new proposals, since in their case some 35 million euros correspond to the construction of their main stand at Anfield, released last season. The proposal would also benefit Everton as it could receive almost half of the 500 million it needs to build its new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock.

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