Djokovic will close the year as number one for the sixth time

Djokovic will equal Sampras' record because Nadal has no margin to catch up with him between now and the end of 2020. He will reach at least 303 weeks as leader.

Despite Rafa Nadal's victory in the Roland Garros final, Novak Djokovic already knows that he will finish the year as world number one for the sixth time in his career, equaling Pete Sampras' all-time record. The fact is that the Spaniard could not score points in the French Grand Slam as the current champion and the Serbian, who was eliminated in the semifinals in 2019, did add 480 to his counter when reaching the final. Now he accumulates 11,740, 1,890 more than Nadal, who continues with 9,850 and has no margin to catch up with his rival for the throne between now and the end of 2020.

Theoretically, the two will play the 1,000 Masters in Paris-Bercy, whose celebration is assured, and the ATP Finals, which will also be played in this case in London. In the first tournament, the Balkan will not add because he was champion last year and the Spanish can score up to 640 points if he wins. In the second, Nole could even add a maximum of 1,300 and Rafa, only 1,100, so even with a hypothetical absence of Djokovic in the remainder of the course he could not surpass him, because he can win, at most, 1,740.

The Belgrade player also has the throne assured, at least until January 10, the date on which the ATP Cup will end, where he will not get more goals, because Serbia won and he finished the country championship undefeated. That way he will reach 303 weeks, just seven from Roger Federer's absolute mark of 310.

Dominic Thiem will continue to occupy the third position of the table and be a threat to Nadal's second place, since the Austrian can add up to 920 goals in Paris-Bercy and a maximum of 700 in London, with what if Nadal finally decides to put The end of the season, something that, according to him, he will decide in a couple of days, could take his position away.

In the top-10 there is an important change with the entry of Argentine Diego Schwartzman for the first time in his career in 8th place after qualifying for the semi-finals at Roland Garros. Roberto Bautista is no longer in the top 10, but he is 13th and he still has some options, albeit remote, of qualifying for the Masters tournament, which will take place from November 15 to 22. Pablo Carrelo climbs to 15th position.

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