Deco broke Messi's agreement with Mourinho

The journalist Di Marzio publishes in his book that the continuity of the Argentine star in Barcelona was not only in danger this summer. In 2014 he was about to set course for the Premier.

Although in this summer of 2020 it has been closer than ever to seeing Leo Messi with another shirt that was not Barcelona's, after his threat to leave the club, he could have done so many times on previous occasions. The clearest of them, according to the journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, a specialist in the transfer market, was in 2014. Di Marzio has recently published a book entitled "Grand Hotel Calciomercato" in which the untold stories of the markets are told of transfers.

In 2014, according to Di Marzio, Chelsea was willing to activate the 250 million euro termination clause and pay the Argentine star's 50 million net salary to take him to the Premier League, which Di Marzio considers to be "the greatest unknown history of the transfer market ".

The book reveals a face-to-face conversation by video call between Mourinho and Messi, where all the economic terms were already accepted. However, both Jorge Messi, father and agent, as well as his former partner Deco cut off the negotiations abruptly.

In that book it is also said that Florentino tried to sign him a year before the 'blue' team, but the Argentine player refused to negotiate with Real Madrid.

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