Davis and his continuity in the Lakers: "I'm not 100% sure"

The latest star to wear the Angelina franchise jersey has the option to renew for a year with the Lakers or go out to free agency for more money.


Anthony Davis came to the Los Angeles Lakers a year ago in a transfer in which the Angelenos sent many of their most promising youngsters to New Orleans. The idea in the Lakers offices was clear: to give LeBron James the company he needed to make the franchise champion again. The sum of LeBron and Davis has given the expected result, and as soon as possible. The Lakers are already champions again, ten years after the last one, and Davis has been key. So key that there were doubts about whether he should have been the MVP of the finals. In fact, he is the third player in the history of a champion team that does not take it averaging 25 points and 10 rebounds in the final series.

Minutes after winning his first ring, one of the first questions asked was about his continuity with the Lakers. "I have no idea, I don't know," was the power forward's reply. The issue here is your contract. When he came to the Lakers in the summer of 2019 he had one year left and another optional that he can cash in only if he wants. That is, he could stay another season with the Lakers with his current contract, which next year would bring him 28.8 million dollars. But he can also resign is that extra year and go out to free agency in which any team could offer him a contract with which Davis would choose to win 32.7 million next year and that money would increase slightly for each year of contract signed ( as long as the salary cap for franchises remains at the 109.1 million projected for next year, something that remains to be seen) .

The truth is that nobody thinks that Davis is not going to continue in the Lakers. In fact, the closest statement about a possible change of scenery is this one he made last night. But those doubts do not necessarily have to mean that he is considering leaving the team with which he has been champion for the first time, if not that he is doubting in what way to renew with them. And that the Lakers do know, who have Davis next year, but do not know what contract he wants to sign. If the four-year classic with which he would commit to the franchise in the medium term or the one that we have seen lately on more than one occasion (without going any further, the one that Kawhi Leonard signed with the Clippers) of only two seasons, plus a third to be decided by the player himself and that leaves much more in the air for a long future in company.

"I've had a great time in Los Angeles this first year. There has been nothing but joys. Over the next few months we will sort out my future. What I mean is that I'm not 100% sure, but that's why my agent (Rich Paul, LeBron's close friend) is who he is. We'll discuss it and figure it out, "Davis said. A player that many experts now believe can change the direction of the transfers of the rest of the teams. Now the physically powerful inside players may be the most appreciated by those who want to fight for the ring this year. It is clear that sooner or later someone will have to eliminate the Lakers if they want to be champion, and eliminating the Lakers means neutralizing Anthony Davis. And it is, with shooting and outside defenders, it is not possible.

Let them tell the Houston Rockets and their ultra small ball or Miami Heat and Bam Adebayo, an outstanding player who at the Eastern finals seemed at times the best center in the world (yes, with Daniel Theis in front) and now, injury through, it has been wiped off the map by Davis. The Lakers, when they have played him as the only big man, have outplayed the Heat by a total difference of 61 points. Right now having him on the squad, in a powerful squad, automatically makes you the opponent to beat. And many teams will be on the lookout for any chance to get him out of Los Angeles. An option that no one is considering right now ...

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