Casillas, Ramos and Marcelo compete for the Dream Team Golden Ball

France Football chooses the ten best players in history by position. It is elected by 170 journalists and will be announced on December 17.


France Football will not award the traditional Ballon d'Or this season, but it has projected a special prize with which to choose the best eleven in history. It has been called the Golden Ball Dream Team and some of its nominees are already known, specifically the goalkeepers and defenders. The names of the midfielders will be announced next week, followed by the forwards. On December 17, the 170 journalists who regularly vote for the Ballon d'Or, including Alfredo Relaño, honorary president of AS, will choose the best eleven of all time.

At the moment, the name of Iker Casillas appears on the list of 10 best goalkeepers in history. Along with him, other very reputable names such as Banks, Buffon, Maier, Neuer, Nkono, Schmeichel, Van der Sar, Yashin and Zoff. Among all of them, only one will be in the Ballon d'Or Dream Team. Casillas opts for it, after his triumphant career in Madrid and in the National Team. Iker himself showed his satisfaction at being among those chosen: "It is an honor to be part of this list of the Golden Ball Dream Team" .

The names of the best right-backs were also announced. The list is equally spectacular and is made up of Bergomi, Cafú, Carlos Albero, Djalma Santos, Gentile, Kaltz, Lahm, Suurbier, Thuram and Vogts. In this position, the Brazilians appear as clear favorites, although the notable absence of Dani Alves stands out.

In the central chapter, another Spaniard sneaks into the list of candidates: Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid and National Team center-back is among the top 10 for France Football and is on the roster along with Baresi, Beckenbauer, Desailly, Koeman, Bobby Moore, Pasarella, Sammer and Scirea. There is a lot of level in this position, but Ramos has a chance to win it.

Likewise, the names of the ten left wingers who are competing for the Dream Team were also made public. They are Brehme, Breitner, Cabrini, Facchetti, Junior, Krol, Maldini, Marcelo, Nilson Santos and Roberto Carlos.

On October 12, the 20 defensive midfielders and the 20 offensive midfielders who opt for the team will be announced; Finally, on October 19, the 10 best forwards on the left, the 10 best on the right and the 10 best center forwards will be revealed.

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