Carlos Sainz: "I have bundled it ..."

The Madrilenian tried the Nordschleife, will have improvements in the MCL35 and stresses that he is not affected by the error of Russia: "I am aggressive in the starts.


If you are a Formula 1 driver and you are going to race at the Nurburgring, it is practically inevitable to fall into the temptation of the Nordschleife, the Green Hell circuit that surrounds these hills with 73 curves and 20.8 kilometers of route that can be accessed with a modest fee Toll. A track with as many legends as fatalities that have occurred on its asphalt. Carlos Sainz loves it, his father raced in the Nurburgring 24 Hours and has explained the tricks to him several times in each turn. For this reason, this Wednesday he took "three laps with the rental Audi A6", although immediately after telling the press, he recoiled: "Let's see if I have bundled it, although rental cars must have some type of insurance for this ". "The three laps I have given, I have had a great time and ... that they take it from me, he danced," he joked.

On the sporting front, your McLaren MCL35 will incorporate in Germany the aerodynamic package with the spoiler already carried by Norris in Russia and other new parts. The problem, that the changing weather and the wind can alter the perception of the evolutions. "The intensity will drop on the weekend but it is blowing very hard and we know that it does not benefit us. Likewise, we have to give the car downforce regardless of whether it likes the wind or not. We need more grip in the corners and We are aware of the step forward that Racing Point and Renault have taken, if we want to continue in that fight we have to introduce improvements ", explains Sainz to AS, expectantly:" It may not be the best weekend to evaluate their performance due to these mixed conditions, but even so you have to bring them, put them on and see how they work ".

The aim is to regain the good trend at the Eifel GP after two races with incidents in the opening laps. Will that affect the risks I take at the start? No. "You are waiting for the answer… I am very aggressive in the first laps, it is something that has always worked for me and especially in the last years of Formula 1. If there is something that I do well and it has given me many points in my career are the starts and the first laps. I also believe that the accident in Russia is a mistake that I would not like to repeat and that it is the first serious one I have committed in a long time. The previous one… Canada 2017. Four years of Formula 1 without serious errors in the first lap, so for one I am not going to change my approach because it has given me very good results. Prudently, but with the enthusiasm and aggressiveness that any F1 driver must have ".

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