Brazil wins with controversy

Referee Julio Bascuñán pointed to a non-existent penalty at the end of the match and Brazil took an epic match in Peru.


One of the best games of the South American qualifiers ended with epic and controversial. Brazil found themselves at a disadvantage twice on the scoreboard, but managed to come back in the final minutes thanks to a highly controversial penalty that Neymar turned into a goal. The referee Julio Bascuñán did not review his collection despite the fact that the foul did not exist and Tite's team took three gold points against a Peru that deserved more.

Peru took Brazil by surprise when, at 6 ', André Carrillo took advantage of a rebound in the Brazilian defense after a good play from Pedro Aquino and crossed a great volley shot from the half moon in the area. The goal emboldened the Peruvians, who took the ball for a few minutes thanks to high pressure that constantly pressed Thiago Silva and Marquinhos, who would later be replaced by Rodrigo Caio due to injury.

After the blow conceded, Brazil began to find their game: Neymar managed to associate with the midfielders and leave the right side of the attack completely free. That was the terrain on which Richarlison did what he wanted with the Peruvian defense. From there the most dangerous plays of the canarinha were born, including the one that ended in the penalty that Ney converted into a goal, after suffering an awkward foul from Yoshimar Yotún, at minute 25.

After the draw, Tite's team definitely took control of the game, in front of a Peru more similar to what was expected: a squatting team, which held in order, but which left many spaces on both sides. At 30 ', Neymar scored the second, but the VAR canceled it due to a millimeter offside by Richarlison, who again took advantage of the backs of a very disoriented Miguel Trauco.

The second half started with Peru plugged in and ready to fight all the divided balls with more energy than in the first. When recovering it, the Peruvians circulated the ball fast always forward and with the intention of finding spaces behind Casemiro's back. At 58 ', the locals' good play paid off: Renato Tapia shot from outside the area, the ball deflected into the Brazilian defense and beat Weverton.

The transient 2-1 was fair, but it did not last long. At 64 ', Firmino headed into the small area after a corner and left Richarlison alone, who only had to push her. Although it seemed to be early, and after a long review, the VAR confirmed the goal granted by Julio Bascuñán, on a terrible night in Lima.

The Chilean referee awarded Brazil a penalty in the 80th minute after a stumble - that's what it was, a stumble - by Neymar against Carlos Zambrano's leg. If there was something illegal in that action, it was the Brazilian's fault, but, incredibly, the VAR did not call Bascuñán and the PSG player scored the third.

On the end, Carlos Zambrano was sent off for elbowing Richarlison. In the first instance, Bascuñán showed him the yellow, but, after seeing the play again in the VAR, he took the red. After the expulsion, Neymar scored in a heads-up at 93 'that ended the match for the Brazilians, who may be leaving Lima with a little more than they deserved, in a good game that was spoiled by a terrible arbitration.

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