"The best thing that happened to me is that they say I'm cold"

The fourth chapter of the Amazon Prime documentary 'Fernando' focuses on the path that led the Asturian from Le Mans to contest the Dakar.


The fourth chapter of the Amazon Prime documentary 'Fernando' continues with Alonso's adventure in the desert preparing what will be his first Dakar. After winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Asturian driver focuses on his last goal of the year. The episode time shows how difficult it is to adapt to such a different discipline, the advice of those closest to him and, as usual, the most personal part of the two-time F1 world champion.

Once he won the World Endurance Championship and before participating in the Rally of Morocco, Alonso shows one of his best works, the museum: “The idea of the museum appeared when I won the World Championship with Renault and the team gave me the car. Suddenly I saw a Formula 1 in the garage and I realized that my friends came more and more times to take photos with it. So I said to myself 'why not collect all the cars of my career, put them in the same place and make a museum of my experience?' Here is my life, not only the cars, but also the karts, the helmets, the monkeys… I have a special affection for this place ”.

With his participation in the Dakar getting closer and closer and the rumors continually growing, the Asturian attends an infinity of media, with F1 and the most famous Rally in the world as star questions: “I can't do a competitive objective on the Dakar put, but if I do a race from here to the corner, it is because I can win it ”. Alonso's response to a journalist who is surprised by the affable nature of the pilot is striking: “One of the best things that have happened to me in life is that they think that I am distant and that I am cold, because later when they meet me they delighted. ”

The first contact in competition, with the great specialists of the event, is in the Rally of Morocco, where the Spaniard suffers several mishaps, but shows a great race pace. “It has the speed. I am very impressed with Fernando. It is not his comfort zone and he is adjusting very quickly. He just needs more racing experience, ”says Glyn Hall, Toyota Gazoo Racing's head of the Dakar. And it is that Alonso surprises both locals and strangers, like his physiotherapist, Edo Bendinelli: “Fernando has unusual muscular capacities in some specific points. If I had to make a comparison I would say that it has the neck of a boxer and the legs of a cyclist. ”


“When I switched to endurance I was with my eyes open, confident, because I had done some good tests and then after 4 or 5 hours into the race we ran out of brakes and spent three hours in the garage. You realize that everything is going at a different pace compared to F1 and here even more. It's like doing 24 hours every day ”, Alonso assures about the Raids.

Changing to such a different discipline is something very unusual and, without a confidant, it would be difficult to venture, as the three-time Dakar winner Carlos Sainz reveals: “I was the first to encourage Fernando to do the Dakar. I told him: 'Forget the World Rally Championship, but the Dakar, if you prepare it well and if you have a Toyota you will be up there. I don't know I've ever said it. His way of being, of asking, of verifying everything and suddenly he asks you a question that you say 'what the fuck', but deep down I would do the same. In that sense I identify a lot, because it does what I would do. ”

The documentary ends with the first two stages in the Dakar and Alonso's concern about not being able to finish the test: “What worries me the most is that I will have to retire without having been able to compete in the Dakar. 60% of the cars do not reach the end and there may be some mistake of mine, some navigation error and after so many tests and so much preparation, I don't want to imagine not finishing the Dakar. ”

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