Bartomeu shields himself: he does not plan to call the meeting

The board of directors meeting was expected on Tuesday or Wednesday with many issues to discuss in a time of crisis, but is being postponed for now.


As Jordi Cardoner first vice-president of FC Barcelona said last week, “the president is strong” and Josep Maria Bartomeu, acting accordingly, has decided to postpone the expected meeting of his board of directors, which was expected for Tuesday or Wednesday and that a move was expected after the events of the last week.

The meeting of the board was awaited with expectation because several executives thought it wrong that the club presented a complaint to the Civil Guard (according to the entity, only the suspicion of fraud in the voting ballots of censorship, but the police force transformed it into a formal complaint) and also because some members of the board, as is the case of Xavier Vilajoana, were considering resigning to start his career for the presidency, something that the responsible manager had already hinted at of grassroots football and women's football in various appearances before the press. Vilajoana's idea was to present that resignation to the board, but it seems that this week it will not be possible unless Bartomeu changes his mind, something that does not seem too possible.

Proof that Bartomeu feels strong could be seen on Sunday night after the club's futsal team was proclaimed for the third time in its history Champions of the Champions at the Palau Blaugrana.

“In football there is a young team with enthusiasm, which will give us many joys. Basketball has also started with good results, and also in women's football. The culés started the season with many illusions and with good results. I am happy. The smile I have now is the one that all the Catalans should have in their mouths right now, "said Bartomeu after the final, oblivious to the institutional earthquake that the club is experiencing.

The board, beyond serving so that the aforementioned Vilajoana could propose his resignation or that the directors request explanations for the complaint of the false ballots of the vote of no confidence, since many of them found out that the entity had gone to the Civil Guard through the media, should serve to organize the joint strategy before the vote of no confidence that is already imminent once the required signatures have been passed.

On Thursday, a meeting of the voting table is scheduled in which the promoters hope to specify the date of the vote with the horizon set on the weekend of October 31 and November 1.

At the moment, the club has developed a logistical plan to carry out the vote respecting the health measures required by the Generalitat due to the pandemic, but it is an internal document that has not been agreed upon by the board of directors.

What seems clear is that true to the presidential style that has characterized the last years of his mandate, Bartomeu continues on his way relying only on a small group of more loyal managers and executives and for the moment he has no interest in the board meeting formally This is with minutes in between, although informal meetings between managers are the order of the day.

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