Atleti monitors their promises

The club believes in their promises, that they will gain experience outside. Mollejo, Riquelme and Cedric, leaders of the quarry. Nehuén will debut in the league with Granada.


Atlético is completely focused on a season that has started full of ups and downs. A debut in the league of maximum enthusiasm, with a great level of play and an overwhelming 6-1 against Granada and later two games drawn without goals. Also in the transfer market, going from euphoria after incorporating Luis Suárez to disappointment at losing Thomas on the horn.

But, in addition to the Ghanaian and the transfer of Kalinic to Hellas Verona, Atlético carried out two more movements on the last market day with a clear idea from the club, that their young values who were not going to have minutes with Simeone would come out like Loaned to gain experience in the top flight. Thus, Víctor Mollejo headed to Getafe and Nehuén Pérez to Granada so that they have the opportunity to begin to shine in the First Division before returning to the club.The two operations occurred at the last minute because Simeone fully trusted them if one of his pieces ended up in the shop window (Lemar or Vitolo in the case of the first and Hermoso in the case of the second). Finally, as there was no buyer for them, it was decided to release the two promises in the event of overbooking in their respective positions. Mollejo (19 years old), will have the opportunity to tangle with Bordalás after his positive year at Deportivo despite the team's decline. Atlético's first debutant born in the 21st century scored six goals for the Galicians and won the affection of the fans for his dedication, deployment and arrival.

Mollejo, to grow up with Bordalás

Getafe had been trying to get their services all summer, since their characteristics are perfectly adapted to those of the azulón team. A lot of character, dedication, back and forth for the band and daring. The faith of not giving any ball for lost has been a hallmark of the player since he was a child. European Under-19 Champion, Mollejo had four league appearances two seasons ago with Simeone. A total of 61 minutes between Huesca, Getafe, Celta and Levante.

You can now play regularly for a team that aims to finish in European places. Despite the fact that Cucurella and Nyom are non-negotiable on the wings, Mollejo aspires to win many minutes in the azulón team. He has already left his mark on the only preseason match that Atlético played in the form of a goal against Almería and in training his evolution was evident during his year in Coruña. If all goes well, he will return at the age of 20 with the clear idea of taking a place in the first team, where pieces like Lemar or Vitolo have not finished performing.

Nehuén will have his chance in LaLiga

In the case of Nehuén Pérez, his great year on loan at the Portuguese Famalicao aroused the interest of many teams that sought to take over his services either from a transfer, a route closed by Atlético, or as a loan . However, the good level shown by the Argentine during training led Simeone to study his permanence in the team. What's more, the league started with the number '4' waiting for minutes. Nehuén convinced Cholo, but the presence of Giménez, Felipe, Savic and Hermoso greatly complicated their participation. While waiting for offers for the latter, the end of the market was reached with the five centrals on staff, so the Granada route was opened.

The Andalusian team will debut in the Europa League and must combine domestic competition with the European one. And he does it with a luxury reinforcement, a Nehuén Pérez who still does not know his teammates because he is concentrated with the Argentine team, where at 20 he is a regular despite having started the championship without having participation with Atlético. Now he must make a hole in the schemes of Diego Martínez competing with Duarte, Germán and Vallejo. Arriving so late is a disadvantage for Nehuén, but he has time and three competitions to show his level.

Riquelme and Cedric, in Second

If Mollejo went to Deportivo as the great star of Atleti B, now it is Rodrigo Riquelme's turn, but in his case heading to England. The talented midfielder will play on loan at Bournemouth, in the English second division, to gain experience and also harden himself in a more physical and fierce competition. With the clear objective of returning to the Premier, the team led by Jason Tindall acquired the services of a Riquelme who last season was a fixture in training with Simeone and who, after making his debut on the third day against Eibar, had sporadic appearances like in the Glass before the Cultural one. Drawn to the left wing, the 20-year-old made his great talent clear in the preseason of the first team and later with Atleti B and in the Youth League. In England he will carry out the mission of growing up to return.

Another player who had been breaking down all the doors in the red and white quarry was Cedric Teguia. Just turned 19, the Cameroon-born footballer packed his bags to play for Oviedo in the Second Division. Pure power for the band that despite being from 2001 has already been international five times with the Spanish Under-20 team. So far his participation with Oviedo has been testimonial, loose minutes in a couple of games, but it is expected that with the passage of the games the opportunities for a Cedric who has always been one step ahead, captaining the team in the Youth League and leaving signs of being a footballer with immense physical strength.

Beyond the four young talents, other footballers such as Diego Conde, who started with minutes in the goal of Leganés, Salido, Soto, Manu Lama or Saldaña will have their opportunity to revalue themselves during their assignments thinking of returning to Atlético. A separate case are those of Morata and Arias, the latter seriously injured during a match with the Colombian team. His assignments released a salary mass and occurred with a purchase option from Juventus and Bayer Leverkusen respectively. The misfortune was primed with Arias, who after debuting with the Germans will have to be a long period of loss.

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