Aston Villa humiliates an unrecognizable Liverpool

Klopp's team, which suffered the biggest defeat of their stay in the Premier, had a gray day and suffered a historic defeat at Villa Park.

For not going, they weren't even dressed in red. The only recognizable trace of the almighty recent European champion and reigning Premier champion Liverpool was hidden, in gray on a black background, on the upper left chest. A shield of mourning for the worst game since Jürgen Klopp took the reins of a team that is living history of this sport, but which today was also black history. Seven goals, and giving thanks that they were not ten, conceded against Aston Villa, a team that, although it is true that it has won its other two games this season, the previous one fought until the last day to avoid relegation. A catastrophe that had not occurred for 57 years.

The first to appear in the photo, although no one is saved, is, sadly, Adrián San Miguel. Bad fortune for the Spanish goalkeeper, who made a terrible game replacing Alisson. Within three minutes he had already given away an incomprehensible ball for Watkins' first goal, which ended up becoming the first player to score a hat-trick for Liverpool in the last ten years.

His festival was joined by Grealish, a player whom Manchester United among others wanted but who has renewed with the villains and who signed two goals and two assists in the seven that his own endorsed the current champion. The eagerness with which they went for more and more to sink the reds was almost bloody, since the image transmitted by the visitors, who tried to react with two goals from Salah, was quite worrying.Another who scored was Ross Barkley, who also made his debut after being loaned out by Chelsea and who could not land in better circumstances in his new team, which seems to have started the season on an unbeatable footing. Klopp, at the end of the game, could only approach Dean Smith, drop a laconic 'Wow' and show his respect for the great game of his men with a sporty fist clash.

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