Abner González surprises the squad to take the victory

Double for the Telco'm-On Clima-Oses in the Clásica de Torredonjimeno with González and Reuben. Martín maintains the lead.


The attractive route of the Torredonjimeno Classical, conducive to movements and attacks that break the tyranny of the peloton, has today produced a vibrant resolution in which three cyclists, Abner González, Thompson Reuben and Byron Munton, have beaten the pulse of the group of favorites to fight for victory.

Abner González, benefiting from the numerical superiority that the presence of his teammate Thompson Reuben gave him in the header cut, has taken the victory in the Tosirian goal after leaving alone as a result of an attack launched two kilometers to go. Reuben Has Completed the Telco'm-On Clima-Oses Double; while Munton, from GSport, completed the podium. The peloton, which has reached just 10 seconds, has entered led by Jordi López (Lizarte), who is only 5 points behind David Martín, who still retains the leadership in the Spanish Cup

The Torredonjimeno Classic, which started at 9:15 am as scheduled, has experienced an intense start, with a multitude of attacks and a lot of rhythm, which has made it impossible for any cut to be established in the lead until kilometer 80.

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Once they have left the special sprint of Alcaudete behind and have faced the first ramps of the Alto de Locubín, first category, a header has been formed with 18 cyclists, among which the presence of runners such as Carlos García and Pablo García of the Caja Rural-Seguros RGA; Xabier Mikel Azparren from Laboral-Kutxa; Raúl Rota and Eugenio Sánchez del Lizarte; o Aaron Mariño del Froiz.

The toughness of Locubín has been selected by this leading group, which has reached a minute ahead of the peloton, and Mariño, Carlos García and Eugenio Sánchez have been the first three to reach their peak. The large group, led by Kometa, has made up for the difference and managed to hunt them down while starting the ascent to Alto de Valdepeñas.

The Gomur cyclist Pelayo Sánchez has been the one who has crowned the climb to Valdepeñas in first position, to which the main favorites have arrived together and after which they waited 40 very fast kilometers to the finish line. With 20 kilometers to go to the conclusion, taking advantage of the Los Villares special sprint, Abner González, Thompson Reuben and Dylan Murton have taken a few meters of advantage, who thanks to a sensational collaboration have managed to keep the squad of favorites at bay.

With an advantage that has never exceeded 30 seconds, the three leading cyclists have appeared in the vicinity of Torredonjimeno with options for victory. The Telco'm runners have managed their numerical superiority in a great way and with an attack by Abner González they have left Dylan Murton behind while Reuben was the brake.

Puerto Rican Gonzalez crossed the finish line victorious with four seconds ahead of his teammate Reuben, a New Zealand national, and seven seconds ahead of South African Murton. The peloton arrived nine seconds later led by Jordi López and Miguel Ángel Ballesteros. In tenth position has entered Vicente Hernáiz, who with this result is placed just one point behind his partner in the Kometa-Xstra David Martín, who retains the leadership of the Copa de España Elite-Sub23 that will arrive very tight at the Valencia Memorial , which will be the appointment that will end this 2020 edition next Sunday.

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