Zidane: "I'm not going to answer Bale, we wish him the best"

The Real Madrid coach analyzed the game against Betis. He did not give clues about Hazard and Asensio, although he hinted that they have "little training with the group."


The coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, appeared in the preview of the visit to Betis this Saturday to analyze the match and all the news surrounding Real Madrid at this start of the season in which, for now, the white team has harvested a goalless draw in Anoeta (0-0). The lack of a goal is once again a central issue in Real Madrid today.

How do you approach the game against Betis?

First, we know who we are playing against. They are a good team in this league, we know how they started. Nothing changes, we want to play a good game, what we are doing, what we did at Anoeta. Improve, you can always improve, but we only think about the game, about doing it well. Betis have practically the same squad, they have changed the coach, Pellegrini has experience and can contribute to his team. And that is doing. Betis has always been a team with quality players. We will see a good Betis this year, for sure.

Could Hazard, Asensio and Isco travel?

They could, but as always, they are players who have just arrived, they did little training ... But we'll see. The important thing is that they are physically well. We will see tomorrow, then on Wednesday we play, there are many games. We'll see how we do.

Do you want me to sign a nine?

Anything can happen until October 5. That interests you, but I am happy with my squad, it is the best, I fully trust it. We will work to be physically well and if we are well prepared, we can compete and reach our goals, which is to win.

Bale has spoken from England, and not very well about his last stage in Madrid ...

Nothing, I do not answer Gareth, I say it again: we wish him the best in what comes to him. We are with ours. And that's it.

The other day Casemiro was not the starter. What does Madrid lose without him?

These are my things, the other day he was a substitute, but tomorrow when you see the team you will tell me that another player has not played. This is going to happen continuously, some will play, others will not, some more, others less. It is the life of a team. It's not going to change. It is my business what each one gives me. I care about all of them, that I feel that each player can contribute something to me.

You do not ask the club for any reinforcement?

The template I have is this. I'm not going to ask for anything, I don't want anything. Then, as always, everything can happen until October 5. All the coaches want that day to come and let's not talk about who comes and who comes out. But anything can happen.

Has the club transferred you that it is better not to sign in view of the fact that the staff has lowered their salary?

Nothing like that. Sorry, these are internal things. If I have to talk something to my president, I will not tell you what we talked about. You have your information, but I cannot divulge what happens in here.

Achraf, Reguilón, Llorente, Bale ... Is the Madrid coach responsible for these players not succeeding in white?

I don't think that's exactly the case. All those players have succeeded, even if it is not here. If there are 25 players, it is my role that some play more than others. They did a good job here and abroad too.

Do you see Odegaard in that playmaker position or in another?

I know the player, he is a different player. You can contribute something higher, but also in another role. He knows that there are many positions in which he can play, he has a long journey, he has a very good physique. He has made his first game, and like everyone else, the idea is to have him. We are going to have many games. The important thing is that we are all prepared.

Roberto Martínez said that Hazard is medically at 100%, but that he lacks a month of training ...

I think the same. From his injury he has no discomfort, the only thing, as always, as he has had few training sessions with the team, he has to go little by little, that's it. But the question is short on time. He's going to be with the team. What I said before Real Sociedad is that we want, and he too, to enter and be 100%, fine. Feeling good when playing.

Can Jovic and Benzema play together?

Yes, you can play together. But we, as always, are going to have many games, we can play differently. Each game is a rival, they are all different and you can choose. But I've never thought that Jovic and Karim couldn't play together. You can pass.

How do you see what happens at Barcelona?

I am respectful, I don't really know what happens in there. I don't want to get into it, all clubs have their things, their moments like that. Barcelona is a team that will be there to fight for everything. I have no doubts.

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