"When you're a footballer, you don't think about money; it doesn't solve anything"

Danny Drinkwater, Chelsea player, gave his first interview in four years, in which he reviews the high points but also the hardest.


Danny Drinkwater has given his first interview in four years. His first interview since joining Chelsea. The first, therefore, in which he talks about what has happened in this time: he was caught for driving under the influence of alcohol, he was in a fight in a nightclub and he gave a head butt to Jota Peleteiro, his teammate at Aston. Villa, during a training session. He has spoken about all this in The Telegraph, where he recognizes that "money does not solve anything, when you are a footballer you do not even think about money" .

The English midfielder won the Premier League with Leicester and the following year he stayed at the club to play the Champions League. Later, he signed for Chelsea. "I know that my move to Chelsea has not worked out as we expected and that I have made mistakes," explains Drinkwater. "I want people to understand that not everything is beautiful when you earn a lot of money and that that is the only thing that matters" .

Drinkwater lost his passion for football. After not counting for Sarri, he had to go on loan to Burnley and Aston Villa. "I fell out of love with football because it reached a point where I only had to cover hours of training. Mentally it was very difficult. I will not use Chelsea as an excuse for the penalty at the wheel, but obviously I was not in the best state of mind. many things that year: my grandparents died very often and my dog also. Everything hurt ".

On his confrontation with Jota Peleteiro in a training session, Drinkwater regrets: "We were on the same team, that's how stupid it was. I never did. I immediately regretted it and texted him as soon as I got home. I translated on Google to make sure I understood. "

And concludes: "I have told myself that I have to make up for this lost time. I had a turning point after driving under the influence of alcohol, another after a fight in a nightclub and another with the incident at the Aston. Villa. This has to stop. I have not driven since then, I have not been to a disco again and I will definitely never fight with a partner again ".

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