Who is to blame for the dangerous chain accident?

The Mercedes point to the safety car, those involved believe that someone "accelerated and braked" and Michael Masi justifies "an exemplary procedure".


There were cars in all directions on the unfortunate first run of the Tuscan GP after a safety car, so there were also complaints in all directions. Giovianzzi, Latifi, Magnussen and Sainz were injured. The Italian found himself face to face with the Dane braking and took him ahead along with Williams; behind came the McLaren with no margin to avoid them. But the problem is not reduced to these four drivers, he was in the center of the peloton, where some of them accelerated fully believing the race was launched and then braking again. Blame Bottas for excessively slowing down the pace? From Race Direction for not taking care of the details of the safety car? Of the pilots, for recklessness?

Difficult to draw conclusions, but the dangerousness of the incident forces us to seek them The stewards investigated and called twelve members of the grid (in addition to the four involved, Kvyat, Albon, Stroll, Ricciardo, Pérez, Norris, Ocon and Russell), although beyond the warnings there have been no sanctions. Hamilton blamed the indicator panels and saw little room for maneuver since the car announced it was leaving, but Michael Masi, race director, confirms that the safety car's procedure was exemplary and that they were warned: "The drivers were warned very clearly. Friday night that they had to take two things into account. First, that they do not pass the safety car before entering the pit lane. And the second, unusual at this circuit, that the control line on which they can already pass It is located almost at the end of the pit lane (at the finish line). The leader has the right to set the pace and he was very slow to avoid that those behind had a slipstream. No blame, you have to investigate. "

In front of the complaints due to lack of clarity, Masi could not be more forceful: "We have the best twenty drivers in the world and the junior drivers had similar highlights to those of F1 without incidents of this type". To those who propose to force Bottas to accelerate earlier with an old-fashioned safety car line, there is also an answer: "I don't think the rule should be revised."

"They accelerated hard and suddenly stopped"

As for the drivers, Bottas complains that the safety car turned off the lights (indicator that it is leaving) too late: "There is no time to open a gap." Hamilton targets "decision makers" because he believes they intend to "create a show by turning off the lights later." Albon sees "logical" that Valtteri delayed his attack until the end. That caravan in front created chaos behind. And those who lived it from the inside have another version. According to Magnussen, “the drivers in front (of him) went full throttle for at least two seconds and then braked,” so he had to stop in his tracks.

Giovinazzi arrived, hitting him and Latifi: "It was very dangerous, he was going deep and the group behind him was also. Suddenly I found Kevin standing still, very dangerous." Williams' Canadian: “It seemed that the cars in front were going deep, we all pressed, suddenly they stopped and immediately they pressed again.” And Carlos Sainz, more reflective: “Someone from the middle zone, or many people, thought that the race had already started. The Alfa Romeo and I were looking for slips, we were already running, and suddenly we found three or four cars stopped in the center of the track. "Although the Italian is the one who could do the most to avoid the carom (because he was the first to crashed), it is difficult to place all the responsibility on him. At the moment, race incident. But it will not be only in that ...

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