What is Yamaha looking to improve with its innovative XXL exhaust?

The Iwata factory has released a long and bulky exhaust pipe in the 2020 Misano test to try to improve power delivery and gain top speed.


Chassis, exhaust system and swingarm. These have been the three elements that have undergone the most modifications in the 2020 Misano test that the 11 MotoGP World Championship teams completed this Tuesday in the Santa Monica fraction. A few improvements, largely designed for next season, where Yamaha has captured all the media attention.

The Iwata factory used the YZR-M1s of Valentino Rossi, Maverick Viñales and Fabio Quartararo to test a long and bulky megaphone-shaped exhaust pipe developed in close collaboration with Akrapovic to try to improve power delivery and have more speed toe, the Achilles heel of the saddle made in Shizuoka Prefecture.

A progress that, taking as reference the statements made by Massimo Meregalli and Quartararo at the end of the training day in northern Italy, still needs to be perfected. "In the first section it went well, but in reference to the maximum speed there has been no step forward, as Rossi has already shown," Meregalli said before giving the floor to 'Diablo', who in contrast to his future boss , He assured not having felt a great advance when opening gas: "After trying it, I did not find big differences, in fact I returned to the standard exhaust".

It should be remembered that the development of engines and aerodynamics is frozen until 2021 due to the global crisis of the coronavirus, just as Yamaha is, together with Aprilia, the manufacturer that is suffering the most problems with its propeller this year.

The 'heart' of the YZR-M1 not only has a setback in its valve system that has already rendered a Maverick Viñales, Franco Morbidelli and Valentino Rossi machine unusable, but it could not be solved as it did not receive authorization from the company. MSMA (MotoGP World Manufacturers Association) at the Austrian GP 2020.

Who knows if the Japanese technicians, in addition to seeking performance, have prioritized increasing their reliability, since a larger size of the final area of the exhaust could help better channel the gases that this element emits at more than 1,200 degrees, another point weak of the motorcycle of the country of the Rising Sun.

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