What is F1 party mode and why is it banned?

As of Monza, the FIA prohibits the use of classification mode on engines. You can balance the rankings, although it will affect everyone.


Hamilton christened it "party mode", although when Ferrari invented something similar he called it "jet mode". There are no jets or blowouts in this current Formula 1 technical feature that the FIA will partially ban starting from the Italian GP this week at Monza. It is the engine map that extracts the most benefits from the power unit, above 1,000 hp. It squeezes the efforts out of all the components, but shortens the life of the propellant and it is very difficult for the stewards to gauge its legality. Therefore, through a technical directive, the FIA confirms that no differentiation can be made between the engine maps used in qualifying and in the race.

To begin with, what is an engine map? These propellants, composed of a combustion engine, two electric engines, batteries or a control unit, incur complex electrical programming to adjust to the needs of the pilot at all times. There can be up to a dozen configurations that vary between the most reliable and the most aggressive on the mechanics, some to conserve and others, to attack. The 'party mode' was only used on Saturdays and only a few laps. There are other functionalities, such as the so-called "overtaking button", which the pilots operate to obtain more specific power from the batteries.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, explains its use well: "Depending on the circuit, the mode you use always changes and the influence it has on the race. We didn't use the so-called 'party mode' on all circuits. It does a lot of damage to the race. engine and reduces its useful life. If you can avoid it, don't use it. That said, it will impact us in some way starting with Monza, but I have no doubt that it will be the same for all manufacturers. " The Austrian slides that Mercedes will win with his ban, because "subtracting a couple of laps of 'party mode' translates into 25 with more performance for the race." But in qualifying, Red Bull can come close to the lead. Honda and Ferrari are the two engine suppliers that offer the least extra power for Saturday. In the case of Renault, it is estimated that McLaren and the official team will lose a couple of tenths.

It is prohibited because the FIA has about twenty technicians and teams, thousands of engineers, and it is not always possible to record everything that happens inside the hybrid engine through sensors. From using the lubricant as a combustion additive to altering the allowed fuel flow (which Ferrari is suspected of doing), rumors from the paddock about the legality of the practices are varied. The cars will not be as fast on a lap again, but if the measure helps to balance such an uneven grid, welcome. The best place to check if the decision has positive effects is precisely the Temple of Speed in Monza.

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