"Messi was a temptation"

Leonardo spoke on Canal + France about the renewals of Neymar and Mbappé: "We want to continue with them. We have two of the best players in the world at PSG."


Leonardo has spoken on Canal + France about the possible signing of Messi by PSG this summer. The PSG sporting director has also spoken about the continuity of Mbappé and Neymar in the team of the French capital.

Sign Messi: "Given the financial situation, it is difficult to think that. But we have been told that Messi is going to leave, and that has excited us. You think: damn it, it will be possible. Messi was a temptation. He is an extraordinary player and in football you can talk about everything ".

End of Neymar and Mbappé contracts in 2022: "We want to continue with them, that is clear. Everyone knows how things are going. We have already spoken with them. We have to find the right time and way to do it. It is an opportunity to have two such players on the same team. We have two of the best players in the world after Messi and Ronaldo at PSG, that's huge. "

Future of Leonardo and Mbappé: "The reflection is that he is coming. There is so much good for him here. The marriage is perfect. Football is difficult for everyone, for the great teams abroad. PSG will be around here in the years to come. The club has always been ambitious, but this year is financially difficult ".

Relationship with Tuchel: "We know each other's roles. With Tuchel, it is very clear. We talk a lot together. He is doing something fantastic. It is a moment of reflection, we have time to talk. With him, it is very clear, we share a lot, we talk about the Market. There is always a conversation before signing a player. There has not been a player who has not arrived since Tuchel is here, without his approval. He still has ten months left on his contract, we have time. People talk because he arrived before I. When I arrived, I had the option to stay with him. I never contacted Allegri. "

Departures of Cavani and Thiago Silva: "For Cavani and Silva it is the same. The decision for them is not easy. They are idols of the club. It is always complicated. We made the decision in March for financial reasons and to change generation. In the last minute we talked to Silva about an extension, but he said no ".

Statements by Mbappé: "Kylian says this because we think the same thing. PSG has always been ambitious, but there is a situation and we have to deal with it. We need some reinforcements, such as a right-back, that is clear."

Signings: "We have priority positions to sign. I think the idea is that there are signings, we have priority positions. We are thinking about the additions, but we have to sell too, because it is mandatory."

Sales: "PSG needs to sell. All clubs need to sell to buy. Fair play prohibits you from putting in more money. PSG is in the same situation as the rest. We need to sell players, but it is not easy because nobody buys. We invest in Icardi this summer. We need to get a little creative in our signings. "

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